Module Catalogue

Module Code Module Title
0CST0018 Science for Technology
4AHP1007 Food Science, Safety and Systems
4AHP1012 Radiographic Practice & Image Evaluation 1
4BUS1008 Hospitality Services Management
4BUS1020 Introduction to Business Operations
4BUS1040 Introduction to Business and Management
4BUS1041 The Accounting and Finance Professional
4BUS1043 Accounting for Business
4BUS1054 Principles of Accounting and Finance
4BUS1075 The Hospitality Industry
4BUS1084 Ethics, Governance and Law
4COM1036 Human Dimensions of Computing (A)
4COM1048 Human Dimensions of Computing (SDfB)
4CTA1196 Marketing for the Music Business
4EDU0097 Learning and Teaching in English
4EDU0100 Our World
4ENT1022 E-Culture (HIBT)
4HUM0069 Journalism Skills: Print News and Features
4HUM0104 The Writer's Art: an Introduction to Creative Writing
4HUM0140 Graphics for the Web
4HUM0145 The First World War A
4HUM0159 French Intermediate B1B
4HUM0191 Introduction to Media Communications (HIBT)
4HUM0201 Acting: Text and Character
4HUM1006 Introduction to Literary Studies 1
4HUM1018 Engaging With The Humanities
4HUM1035 Mandarin Route A - 4b
4HUM1043 German Route C - 4b
4HUM1048 Italian Route A - 4a
4HUM1050 Italian Route B - 4a
4HUM1056 Spanish Route A - 4a
4HUM1058 Spanish Route B - 4a
4LMS0002 Human Physiology with Pharmacology
4MMF0053 Image, Paper, Screen: Working with Media
4NMH0102 Branch Professional Practice A for Learning Disability Nursing (Diploma Level 1)
4NMH0110 Branch Professional Practice A for Children's Nursing (Diploma Level 1)
4NMH1005 Learning for Professional Development 1
4NMH1008 Professional Aspects of Care
4NMH1020 Learning for Professional Development 1
4PAM1013 The Physical Universe
4PAM1017 Financial and Actuarial Mathematics
4PAM1027 Small Group Tutorial
5AHP1004 Food Quality Assurance
5AHP1006 Enhancing Health & Social Care through Inter-professional Education
5AHP1013 Neurosciences 2
5AHP1014 Practice Education 1 - Communication
5AHP1017 Neuromusculoskeletal 3
5AHP1018 Neuromusculoskeletal 4
5ARD0090 The Commission 2B
5ARD0104 Introduction to Arts Therapies Theories 2
5ART0021 Photography: Gender And Identity: Contextual Studies, Art And Design
5BUS0275 People Management
5BUS1004 21st Century Consumer Marketing
5BUS1047 Business Analysis Tools
5BUS1067 Enhancing Employability in Economics
5BUS1080 Enterprise
5BUS1092 Financial Accounting and Reporting
5BUS1114 Operations Management for Events
5BUS1148 Financial Markets and Instruments
5BUS1152 Professionalism in Accounting for Direct Entry Students
5BUS1156 Business Life Cycle
5COM1015 WBL Project (Networks)
5COM1033 Work Based Learning Project (Media Systems) (HRC)
5COM1039 Entertainment Systems 2 (HRC)
5COM1052 Database Concepts
5COM1053 Computer Science Development Exercise
5CTA1065 Professional Work Experience 15 5B: Screen
5CTA1066 Music Publishing and Cultures 2
5CTA1067 Finance & Economics for the Music & Entertainment Industry 2
5CTA1081 CCS L5 Creative Arts
5EDU0087 Behaviour Management
5EDU0089 Speech and Language
5ELE0068 Interactive Software Design
5ENT1043 Content and Asset Management
5ENT1063 Exchange Year
5HUM0202 Studies in English Literature: Renaissance to Enlightenment, 1550-1740
5HUM0343 Sounds of English
5HUM1003 Metaphysics
5HUM1026 Genre Writing: Building Worlds
5HUM1027 World War I Literature and Culture
5HUM1042 Spanish Route B - 5b
5HUM1047 German Route C - 5a
5HUM1076 Forensic Linguistics
5LFS0029 Biochemistry
5LFS0031 Molecular and Cell Biology
5LFS0032 Microbial Physiology and Genetics
5LFS1002 Sport Management
5LFS1003 Principle and Practice of Sport Science
5LMS0007 Blood Sciences
5LMS0028 Applied Testing and Training in Sport and Exercise
5MMF0042 Content Management for Networked and Mobile Media
5MMF0043 Authoring Interactive Narratives
5MMF0062 MT Audio Systems and Applications 2 (Version 2)
5MMF0082 Professional Development
5NMH0089 Therapeutic Approaches and Interventions in Learning Disability Nursing - 2
5NMH0193 Bio-Psycho-Social Health & Well-being
5WBS0008 Principles of Operations Management
5WCM0015 Programming & Program Design 2
6AAD0015 Industrial Placement
6AAD0039 Pilot Studies
6AHP1015 Preparing for Postgraduate Success
6ARD0068 Negotiated Project 3B (Illustration)
6ART0029 Fine Art (with Marketing) Practice Level 3
6ART0032 Applied Arts (with Marketing) Degree Project Level 3
6BUS1002 Anatomy of Financial Crises
6BUS1071 Public Relations Strategy
6BUS1081 Managing Media and Communications
6BUS1088 Placement Portfolio
6BUS1163 Agency Relations
6BUS1185 Advanced Financial Reporting
6COM0253 Principles and Applications of Web Services A (technology)
6COM0258 Real Time Systems B (Design and Development)
6COM0262 Digital Entertainment Systems B (Production)
6COM0284 Web-based Systems Project
6CTA1008 Sandwich Year (Creative Arts)
6CTA1029 Model Design Major Project
6CTA1033 Creative Effects Major Project
6CTA1034 Perspectives of Music 3
6CTA1037 Project (Composition)
6EDU1011 Research Project
6ENT1012 Final Year Project
6HSK0043 Examination of the Newborn (Pre-reg 6 Shortened)
6HUM0018 Kierkegaard, Philosophy and Religion
6HUM0235 Literature Project
6HUM0320 Between the Acts: Late Victorian and Edwardian Literature 1890-1920
6HUM0374 French Mini Project
6HUM0409 Oral History Project
6HUM0410 Philosophy of Language
6HUM0426 Worlds Apart 2 : Science Fiction
6HUM0434 Humanities Programme Placement Year
6HUM1020 Meaning and Context
6HUM1047 Financial Crises and Panics: A History of Financial Folly A
6HUM1055 Themes in 20th Century People's History
6HUM1077 Mandarin Route A - 6a
6HUM1079 French Route C - 6a
6HUM1087 Italian Route B - 6b
6HUM1105 Everyday Lives: an Intimate History of Twentieth Century Women A
6HUM1121 French Route C - 6a Post Year Abroad
6LAW1018 Intellectual Property
6LAW1026 International Law and Politics
6LFS0011 Countryside Recreation Management
6LFS0016 Molecular Medicine
6LFS0032 Placement - GE
6LFS0053 Project - Bioscience Degree
6LMS0036 Sandwich Placement - Sport
6NMH0092 Management Skills for Professional Children's Nursing Practice
6NMH0205 Contemporary Challenges in Midwifery Practice
6NMH0215 Work Experience - Health Studies
6NMH0290 Wounds: Issues and Challenges
6NMH0314 Branch Professional Practice F for Learning Disability Nursing (Degree)
6NMH1011 Intensive Care
6NMH1022 Leadership Skills
6NMH1119 Enhancing Midwifery Practice
6PAM0009 Mathematics of Derivatives and Option Pricing
6PAM0022 Boundary Value Problems
6PSY0002 Cognitive Neuropsychology
6PSY0036 Topics in Forensic and Criminal Psychology
6PSY0045 Advanced Topics in Memory
6PSY1004 Psychology of Performing Arts
6PSY1009 Advanced Topics in Thinking
6SCH0075 Assessment, Planning, Intervention, Review and Evaluation 2
6SCZ0031 Management Development for Clinical Service & Frontline Leaders
6WBS0004 Business and Commercial Awareness
6WCM0003 Computer Network Protocols & Architecture
6WCM0010 E-Learning Applications Design and Development (SDL)
7AHP0202 Science and Principles of MRI
7BSM0223 Project Management: A Strategic Approach A
7BSM1021 Strategic Management Perspectives B
7BSM1061 Applied Individual Project
7BSP0355 International Business Strategy
7BSP0377 Management Accounting
7BSP0379 Financial Management
7BSP0413 Computer Simulation for Business
7BSP1027 Organisational Behaviour: Theory and Practice B
7BSP1098 Dissertation: Marketing (BCA)
7BSP1116 International Finance (MSc Global Business)
7BSP1117 Financial Data Analysis
7BSP1143 Live Project: Tourism/Hospitality/Event Management
7BSP1146 Markets, Institutions and Policy
7BSP1179 Running a Consultancy Project
7BSP1205 Business Research Methods
7BSP1216 Managing Strategy
7BSP1225 Effective Governance and Accountability
7BSP1230 Professional Skills for Finance Managers
7COM0180 Human Computer Interaction MSc Project (Online)
7COM0200 Data Mining
7COM1001 Measures and Models for Software Engineering
7COM1010 Secure Systems Programming
7COM1016 Professional Issues
7COM1020 Human Computer Interaction: Principles and Practice
7COM1029 Network System Administration
7CTA1034 Major Study: Illustration
7CTA1036 Practice 2: Art and Design (Distance Learning)
7EDU1034 Professional Learning - Secondary
7EDU1035 Subject Knowledge Enquiry
7HEP1041 Multiplanar anatomy and pathology for imaging
7HEP1042 Imaging for radiotherapy and oncology
7HEP1050 Independent reflection in professional practice 2
7HSK0012 Research in Practice
7HSK0013 Research Methodologies
7HSK0078 Musculoskeletal Injection Therapy
7HSK0123 Obesity and Weight Management
7HSK0124 Facilitation of Education Practice 1
7HSK0125 Facilitation of Education Practice 2
7HUM1055 Working as a Writer
7HUM1058 The Writing Workshop 2: Creative and Critical Processes
7HUM1061 International Journalism Trends
7HUM1070 Blended Learning in English Language Teaching
7HUM1071 The Practice of English Language Teaching 1
7LAW0140 Conflicts of Law
7LAW1034 Workplace Mediations Skills
7LAW1052 Legal Risk Management, Governance and Compliance
7LFS1016 Urban Design and Conservation
7LFS1018 Advanced Injury Prevention and Management
7LFS1043 Agricultural Pollution and Mitigation
7MED0058 Health and Medical Education in the Workplace
7MED0065 Service Improvement Project
7MED1007 Improving Clinical Practice - Diagnosis and Decision Making
7NMH0001 Tissue Viability Modalities
7NMH1015 Cardiac Care
7NMH1045 Sociological and policy Context for Social Work
7NMH1047 Transnational Social Work and Welfare in Europe
7NMH1048 Dissertation
7NMH1057 Physical Examination of the Healthy Neonate M
7NMH1061 Complex Social Issues in Maternity Care
7NMH1062 Fundamentals and Philosophies of Statutory Supervision of Midwives 1
7NMH1071 Preparation for Mentorship
7PSY0106 Human Potential and Performance
7PSY1009 Research Project in Neuropsychology
7SCH0091 Management Development at Work 2
7SCZ0247 Positive Approaches to Managing Challenging Behaviours in LD Services
7SCZ0249 Advanced Nurse Practice - Work Based Skills 2
7WCM0001 Advanced Database
7WCM0012 E-Learning Applications Development (SDL)
7WCM0024 Multicast and Multimedia Networking (SDL)
7WCM0029 Software Development Tools and Methods
6HUM0383 German Beginners A3B
4BUS1046 Global Perspectives in Tourism and Event Management
6HUM1133 Campaigns and Careers
4BUS1005 The Geography of Travel and Tourism
6AHP1052 Preparation for Research in Radiography
6ARD0004 Fashion: Professional Portfolio (MKTG)
6ARD0067 Self Promotion 3B (Illustration)
4HUM0175 French Advanced C1A
6HUM0232 Autobiography into Fiction
7WEN0006 Manufacturing Strategy
5HUM0310 German Beginners A2A
5HUM0313 German Advanced C2A
5HUM0323 Spanish Beginners A2A
5HUM1016 Ways of Reading: Literature and Theory
4AAD0025 Materials and Electrical Science (HIBT)
4AAD0026 Mechanical Science (HIBT)
6LFS1010 Contemporary Topics in Nutrition
5ARD0024 Design, Materials and Technology
5ARD0072 Studio Practice B: Positioning Practice
5ARD0078 Visual Skills 2B
6COM0259 Real Time Systems A (Small Embedded Systems)
6COM0260 Quantum Computing B
7NMH1102 Policy and Practice Issues in Primary Health Care
7NMH1106 Practice Educator
6LMS0006 Clinical Pathology
6LMS0010 Epidemiology and Infection Control
7HSK0045 Knowledge Skills and Methods for Professional Practice
6HSK0020 International Perspectives on Research Methods
7HPD0064 Non Medical Prescribing (AHP)
7HSK0132 Readiness for Practice 2
4PAM1008 Engineering Applications of Mathematics
6LMS0050 Sports Therapy Clinical Placement
7HSK0147 Best Interests Assessor
7HSK0148 Clinical Research Dissertation
7WCM0003 Computer Science MSc Project
5EDU1024 Pedagogical Approaches
5ELE0060 Digital Design & Embedded Systems
6EDU1040 Therapeutic Approaches in Education
6EDU1056 Learning through the Arts
6EDU1057 Values, Citizenship and Morality in Education
6EDU1059 Developing Professional Practice - SD Primary
6EDU1060 Subject and Curriculum Knowledge - Secondary
7NMH1024 Personalisation
7NMH1026 Pre AMHP Foundation
7NMH1034 Advanced Clinical Decision Making
6CTA1092 Entrepreneurship in the Music Industry
6EDU1004 Positive Relationships in Early years
6NMH1035 Professional Practice in Children's Nursing 3: Management and Leadership
6NMH1039 Building Capability & Enhancing Capacity (3) - Management & Leadership
6NMH1040 Imagination & Innovation in Evidence-based Nursing Care
6BUS1123 Financial Strategy
7EDU1067 Action Research for Impact
4CTA1112 Studio Practice B: Thinking Through Making (HIC)
4CTA1120 Audio System and Applications1 (HIC)
4CTA1155 Visual Communication
4CTA1158 Fine Art Practice 1A
4EDU1026 Contemporary ideas in Education: Investigating into current issues in Education
4LMS0114 Dispensing and Contact Lenses for Optometry Practice 1
4LMS0115 Foundations of Pharmaceutical Chemistry - HIC
4LMS0121 Introduction to Biochemistry and Metabolism - HIC
4MMF0005 Music & Entertainment Industry Framework 1
4MMF0012 Digital Imaging for Animation and Games
7BSP1237 Developing People and Teams
7BSP1260 Innovative Marketing Solutions
4NMH1031 Professional Aspects of Care
4NMH1037 WBL skills to support person centred practice 1
4PAM0009 Contemporary Physics (L1)
6WCM0025 User Experience Design
7CTA1012 Major Study: Music Project
7CTA1013 Practice 2: Audio Programming
6MMF0068 Techniques and Technology 3 (Version 2)
6NMH0017 Leg Ulcer Theory and Practice
6BUS1031 Linear Modelling
6BUS1038 Quality and Change Management
7MED1004 Medical Emergencies and Human Error- Managing Risk, Improving Services
5PSY1005 Cognition
5CTA1037 Professional Development 1: Preparing for Industry
5CTA1042 Design Practice 2: Design and Communication
7LMS0061 Pharmacy Practice and Medicines 4
7LMS0073 Working with Individuals: Theory and Techniques
7LMS0079 Pharmacovigilance Regulations and Guidelines
5HUM0337 Nineteenth Century Literature 1: Romantic Poetry
7PHA1024 Pharmaceutical Science for Practice (OSPAP)
4PSY1002 Introductory Developmental and Language Psychology
4SCH0051 Practice and Personal Development in Counselling 1A
4SCZ0065 Trial Advocacy 2
4SCZ0069 War of Words 1
7EDU1027 Learning and Teaching in Science
7EDU1028 Developing Professional Practice - Secondary
6CTA1018 Technology 3: Contemporary Technologies
6CTA1022 Design Directions: Major Project
6CTA1024 Enterprise and Employability in the Photographic Industries
5BUS1083 Enhancing Employability in Event Management
7AAD0054 Automotive Dynamics & Safety
7AAD0059 Manufacturing Information Systems
5ENT1055 Introduction to Design (Biomedical)
5ENT1056 Mechatronic Systems Modelling and Control
4HUM1079 Introduction to Film Theory
5WBS0004 Enterprise
7CTA1006 Discourse / Reflection: Professional Project Development
7CTA1047 Art Therapy Practice Part 2
7CTA1048 Art Therapy Practice 1
5CTA1093 Special Effects Contextualised Model
7NMH1011 Intensive Care
5LAW1014 Government and Politics
5NMH0108 Role of the Children's Nurse:Professional, Ethical and Legal Context
5NMH0139 Essential Therapeutic Skills for Children's Nursing
7LFS1010 Urban Regeneration
5BUS1094 Principles of Corporate Finance
6PAM1005 Investigation in Mathematics
6NMH0255 Art and Science of Nursing (PNC)
5LFS1020 Sports Management
6PSY0052 Psychology Placement
6PSY0053 Contemporary Social Psychology
5BUS1022 Product Innovation
7SCZ0131 Assessment of the Mental Health Needs of People who have Learning Disabililties
7SCZ0151 National Award for SEN Coordination Module 2
7SCZ0218 Leading Projects
6ENT1048 Systems Integration for Biomedical Applications
7WCM0027 Secure Systems Programming
4LMS0004 Chemistry for the Biological Sciences
4LMS0005 Cell and Microbiology
5BUS1031 Marketing for the Small Enterprise
7BSP1152 Contemporary Debates in the Global Economy
7BSP1154 Global Finance and Stability
7BSP1155 Political Economy of Development in a Global Context
7BSP1160 Managing Professional Development
7BSP1165 The Business Imperative
7LAW1001 Advanced Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution
7LAW1025 Solicitors Accounts
5LFS1006 Research Design and the Olympics
5NMH1005 Learning for Professional Development II
5NMH1010 Building Capability & Enhancing Capacity (2) Facilitating Development & Health
5NMH1022 Learning for Professional II
5NMH1059 Enhanced Neonatal Studies
5NMH1061 Journey to Motherhood
5NMH1063 Altered Health States in Childbearing Women
5PAM0013 Thermal and Condensed Matter Physics (L2)
5PAM0021 Portfolio Risk Management
5PAM0023 Laboratory Physics 2
5PAM1003 Mechanics
4ENT1083 Smart Technology 1 HIC
4LMS0030 Foundations of Nutrition
4LMS0034 Foundations of Anatomy and Biomechanics: Sports Therapy
5COM1001 Information Technology Development Exercise
5COM1003 Data Management and Applications A
5COM1004 Data Management and Applications B
7BSP1011 International Supply Chain Management
7BSP1020 Managing a Small Business
7AHP0188 Clinical Applications: Image Interpretation of the Musculo-Skeletal System (n/t)
7MED0042 Consolidating Specialist Practice
6AAD0013 Mechanical Engineering Design
6AHP1005 Comparative Imaging
6AHP1010 Work Experience in Nutrition
6AHP1012 Public Health Nutrition and Policy
5HUM1062 Radio Journalism
7PSY1017 Research Project in Psychology
7PSY1027 Placement in Clinical Practice
7PSY0091 Biopsychosocial Factors in Health Psychology 1
7PSY0092 Biopsychosocial Factors in Health Psychology 2
7PSY0101 Organisations and Change
7EDU1038 Assessment and Inclusion
7EDU1042 Professional Practice Enquiry 1
6AHP1026 Assessment of chronic conditions
6AHP1028 Assessment of acute conditions
6AHP1029 Leadership and decision making in professional practice
6AHP1035 Practice Education 3 - Health and Well-being
4BUS1097 Financial Analysis Techniques
4BUS1098 Accounting Principles
4BUS1101 Analytical Techniques for Accountants
6COM1058 Year Abroad
5EDU1009 Study Abroad - BA
5EDU1015 English: Children's Experiences of Texts
4CTA1097 Timelines: An Archaeology of New Media (HIC)
4EDU1004 Contemporary Ideas in Education
4CTA1023 Communication 2: Digital Skills
4CTA1024 Technology 1: Introducing Materiality
4CTA1027 Studio Skills 1: Technical Design and Communication
6PHA0008 Research Methods
6PHA0011 Drug Discovery Design Formulation and Development
7CST0015 Methods and Materials in English Language Teaching
7CST0020 Research Methodology and Dissertation Skills
7CST0022 The Practice of English Language Teaching 1
6LAW1034 Year Abroad
7HSK0082 Care of Older People in the Out-Of-Hospital Urgent Care Environment
7HSK0085 Advanced Airway Management and Ventilation
7HSK0086 Management of the Critically Ill/Injured Patient
6WBS0011 Contemporary Issues in Business and Management (SDL)
5LAW1003 Individual Employment Law
7EDU0329 Mentoring and Coaching
7EDU0356 Learning and Teaching in Subject Studies Mathematics Secondary PGCE
7EDU1015 Knowledge in Maths: Number, calculation, measures and data
6LMS0056 Graduate and Professional Skills 3: Sports Therapy
6LMS0083 Advanced Sport Psychology
6MED0001 Skin Surgery Skills
6CTA1063 Multi-Platform Content
6CTA1064 Major Project Production
6CTA1073 Graphic Design and Illustration L6 Degree Essay
5PHA0001 Personal Transferable Skills 2 (Pharmacy)
6HUM0253 Music, Celebrity and the Media
7WHS0021 Research in Mental Health Recovery Practice
7WLM0003 Evidence Based Practice
6COM0125 Design and Evaluation of Interactive Systems
4PHA0001 Personal Transferable Skills (Pharmacy)
7NMH0085 High Dependency Midwifery Care
7NMH0089 Managing Vulnerability in Primary Health Care LM
7NMH0090 Leadership and Management in Primary Care
6HUM0435 New Media Publishing Project
5BUS1163 Analysing Financial Statements
4PAM1031 Financial and Actuarial Mathematics (HIC)
7HUM1018 Research Methods 2: Advanced Research Skills B
7HUM1026 Work Placement
7HUM1039 Linguistic Analysis for Language Teaching
4HSK0017 Learning for Professional Development I
4HSK0019 An Introduction to Interprofessional Education
5HUM1073 The Long and the Short of It: The Short Story and the Novel
6BUS1210 Contemporary Issues in Ethics, Business and Sustainability
6BUS1140 Game Theory and Economic Applications
6BUS1142 Organisational Behaviour
5HSK0007 Policy Context and Transnational Social Work
5HUM1090 Becoming a Publisher
4COM0046 Programming Principles
4LAW0039 Legal Issues for Human Resources
7BSP0349 Performance Measurement & Accountability
4LMS0057 Sustainable Futures - HIC
4LMS0085 Introduction to Sports Development - HIC
4LMS0094 Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology - HIC
7COM0099 Software Development Tools and Methods
7COM0161 Multimedia Technology MSc Project
6BUS1048 Strategic Tourism Planning
6CTA1085 Degree Planning (Jewellery)
4LFS0031 Molecular Biology and Genetics
4LFS0041 Special Review - GE
6EDU1075 The Primary Curriculum: Learning the Foundation Subjects and RE
6EDU1078 Research Project
6EDU1079 Therapeutic Approaches
6ELE0062 Advanced Power Conversion and Control
0HUM1028 Pre-Sessional English for Academic Purposes ADVANCED 5
0HUM1031 Pre-Sessional English for Academic Purposes HIGHER 4
0HUM1047 Pre-Sessional English for Academic Purposes HIGHER 2
7AAD0034 Advanced Thermodynamics and Thermal Systems
4LMS0012 Functional Agro-ecology
4LMS0016 Cell and Microbiology (HIC)
4LMS0018 Molecular Biology and Genetics (HIC)
4COM1041 Models and Methods in Computing (B)
4MMF0051 C/Techniques and Technology 1 (Version 2)
6NMH1064 Person-centred Planning (4) Life Transitions for Adolescents and Adults
6NMH1067 Building Capacity and Enhancing Capacity (3) Management and Leadership
6CTA1010 Project Planning and Management
6CTA1012 Film and TV Pre-Production Project
5ELE0066 Mini Projects (Electrical)
7LMS0120 Work Design, Organisational Change and Development
5LMS0015 Sustainable Agriculture and Horticulture Management
5LMS0018 Pharmacotherapeutics I
5LMS0024 Dosage, Form, Design and Manufacture
5COM1054 Algorithms and Data Structures
6ELE0071 Power Systems
5CTA1021 Enterprise and Employability A
5CTA1023 Screen Objects and Visions
5CTA1033 Turbo Project A: Model and Special Effects Programme
6HSK0010 Critical practice in contemporary social work
5LMS0039 Graduate and Professional Skills 2: Sport & Exercise Science
5LMS0052 Clinical Skills for Optometry 1
0HUM1010 General English (Standard)
0HUM1014 Study and Research Skills (Higher)
7LMS0082 Management of Pharmacovigilance Data
4ENT1071 Interactive Programming
4ENT1072 Smart Technology
4ENT1076 Computer Organisation
4ENT1081 Software Application
5CTA1103 Edit, Mix and Deliver
5CTA1111 Live Projects
5CTA1120 Planning and Post Production for 3D
7LFS0029 Molecular Biotechnology
0CST0016 Chemistry for Life Sciences
0NMH0012 Work-based Learning for International Students
4AAD0033 Introduction to Manufacturing Technology
4AHP1001 Professional Practice for Nutrition
4BUS1007 The Event Industry
4BUS1023 Introduction to Human Resource Management
4BUS1037 Economics for Business
4BUS1047 Professionalism in Event Management
4BUS1050 Principles of Marketing B
4BUS1076 Food Service Operations and Management
4BUS1082 Principles of Marketing (CIM)
4COM1026 Systems Analysis
4COM1042 Platforms for Computing
4COM1043 Platforms for Computing (B)
4COM1045 Programming (HIC)
4CTA1003 3D Design Practices A
4CTA1063 Media in Mind: histories, theories, contexts
4CTA1066 CCS L4 Creative Arts
4EDU0098 Learning and Teaching in Mathematics
4EDU0101 Inspiring Creativity and Imagination
4ENT1023 Career Skills Development (HIBT)
4ENT1068 Fluid Mechanics & Thermodynamics
4HUM0155 French Beginners A1B
4HUM0161 Spanish Intermediate B1A
4HUM0169 Italian Beginners A1B
4HUM1008 Introduction to Film Criticism
4HUM1036 French Route C - 4a
4HUM1039 French Route A - 4b
4HUM1041 French Route B - 4b
4HUM1042 German Route C - 4a
4HUM1044 German Route A - 4a
4HUM1046 German Route B - 4a
4HUM1055 Spanish Route C - 4b
4HUM1057 Spanish Route A - 4b
4LMS0046 Livestock Production Concepts
4NMH0101 Essential Perspectives of Learning Disability Nursing
4NMH0133 Study Skills
4NMH0140 WBL Essential Practice Skills: Theory and application
4NMH1009 Patient Centred Care 1
4NMH1016 Core Themes in Care: Professional Values
4NMH1019 Building Capability & Enhancing Capacity (1) The Learning Disability Context
4PAM0035 Mathematical Techniques 1 (HIBT)
4PAM1018 Financial and Actuarial Mathematics (HIBT)
5AAD0043 PPL Ground School
5AAD0046 Computer Aided Design
5AHP1009 Introduction to critical thinking
5AHP1011 Professional development in paramedic practice
5AHP1012 Neuromusculoskeletal 2
5ARD0086 Enterprise and Employability 2.3 (PT)
5ARD0093 Undressing Cinema: Relationships Between Film and Fashion
5ARD0095 Product Design Explorations
5ARD0102 Art Therapy Working Group 2
5BUS1008 Project Planning and Control
5BUS1038 Management Accounting for Business Decisions
5BUS1046 Financial Management
5BUS1058 Business Economics
5BUS1112 Quantitative Methods for Finance
5BUS1117 Creativity in Advertising
5BUS1150 Enhancing Employability in Finance
5BUS1154 Financial Reporting
5BUS1161 History of Economic Thought
5COM1018 Advanced Networking 1
5COM1024 Web based Systems and Human Computer Interaction (HRC)
5COM1030 Web Applications and Mobile Technologies
5COM1036 Entertainment Systems 1 (HRC)
5CTA1068 Music Marketing
5CTA1070 Moving Visions: perspectives on digital animation
5CTA1122 Advanced Specialisms for 2D
5CTA1127 Interactivity and Professional Practices for Games
5CTA1130 VFX Professional Practices
5CTA1136 Fashion Business 2: Principles of Fashion Business
5ELE0072 Mini Project (CTN)
5ENT1032 Aerospace Design
5ENT1042 Year in North America
5HUM0009 Themes in Plato's Republic
5HUM0131 Studies in Twentieth Century Literature, 1900-1945
5HUM0193 Syntax
5HUM0272 Early Modern England 1650-1750: Towards the First Industrial Nation
5HUM0282 USA 1861 to 1969: From Civil War to Civil Rights A
5HUM0289 Germany 1871-1933 B
5HUM0334 Logic and Language
5HUM0335 Knowledge and Discovery
5HUM0342 Language and Psycholinguistics: Methods for Research
5HUM0352 Twentieth Century North American Writing
5HUM0353 Independent Work Experience
5HUM0357 Language in Society
5HUM1001 Graduate and Information Skills 2
5HUM1033 Crime and Society in England 1550-1750 A
5HUM1037 French Route A - 5b
5HUM1040 French Route B - 5b
5HUM1046 German Route B - 5b
5LFS0015 Principles of Immunology (Pharmacy)
5LFS0079 Special Topic (International Foundation Programme)
5LMS0025 Pharmacology
5LMS0026 Regulatory Biochemistry
5MMF0065 Techniques and Technology 2 (Version 2)
5NMH0194 Legal & Ethical Issues in Health
5PAM0012 Mathematical Techniques 2
5PAM0024 Professional Skills
5PAM1004 Numerical Methods
5WCM0007 Information Technology Development Exercise
6AAD0038 Professional Development Audit
6ACM0011 Aerodynamics
6ART0024 Fashion Directions
6BUS1008 Dissertation - Finance
6BUS1086 Research Methods
6BUS1193 Corporate Financial Strategy
6COM0263 Digital Entertainment Systems A (Digital Media Production)
6COM0268 Strategic Information Systems Planning & Management A
6COM0273 Artificial Intelligence 2 B (Socially Intelligent Agents & Robots)
6COM0282 Computer Science Project
6COM0287 Networks Project
6COM1004 Principles and Applications of Web Services (COM)
6CTA1032 Creative Effects Major Project Proposal
6CTA1039 Audio Engineering 3
6EDU1012 BAES Dissertation
6EDU1025 BAES Dissertation - offsite
6ELE0067 Intelligent Systems and Robotics
6ELE0086 Film & TV Production Systems
6ENT1004 Motorsport Technology
6ENT1022 Micro-Engineering & Micro-Technology
6HUM0255 Advertising
6HUM0342 The United States' Rise to Superpowerdom 1918-1945 A
6HUM0397 Italian Beginners A3B
6HUM0399 The Politics of Parliamentary Reform, 1760-1832 B
6HUM0424 Advanced Web Design
6HUM0425 Marketing and Corporate Communications Management
6HUM0439 Acting & Screen Performance Project
6HUM1023 Philosophy of Information
6HUM1025 Virtues, Vices and Ethics
6HUM1042 Journalism Portfolio
6HUM1051 Writing for Radio: From Pitch to Production
6HUM1072 Spanish Route B - 6b
6HUM1084 Italian Route A - 6b
6HUM1086 Italian Route B - 6a
6HUM1089 Japanese Route A - 6b
6HUM1095 Feminist Philosophy
6HUM1109 Digital Histories Workshop A
6LAW1015 Land Law
6LAW1019 Employment Law
6LAW1020 Jurisprudence
6LFS0044 Sandwich Placement - Sport
6LFS0052 Neurophysiology
6LFS0054 Pharmaceutical Synthesis, Production & Analysis
6LFS0057 Sandwich Placement: Biosciences
6LFS1008 Year Abroad - GE
6LFS1014 Advanced Sports Management
6LMS0034 Advanced Biochemistry
6LMS0038 Special Populations
6MMF0002 Professional Practice in the Digital Animation and Games Industries
6MMF0037 Film and TV Production and Post-Production: Fiction Project
6NMH0087 Transition to Graduate Mental Health Nursing Practice
6NMH0097 Management Skills for Adult Nursing (Level 3)
6NMH0099 Branch Professional Practice D Adult Nursing (Degree Level 3)
6NMH0235 Sandwich Health Placement Portfolio
6NMH0243 Mental Health Nursing Practice E/F (Level 3)
6NMH0277 Return To Contemporary Nursing
6NMH1009 Minor Illness - Autonomous Practice
6NMH1010 Acute Clinical Care
6NMH1107 Nurse Independent Prescribing
6NMH1124 Oversea Nurse Module
6NMH1129 Healthcare in Context
6PAM0007 Nonlinear Systems
6PAM1018 Investigation in Financial Mathematics
6SCH0049 Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
6SCZ0057 Advanced ECG Interpretation
6SCZ0077 Autistic Spectrum Conditions
6SCZ0081 Principles of Asthma Management
6WBS0017 Leadership and Organisations (SDL)
6WCM0006 Computer Science Project (SDL)
6WCM0007 Databases
6WCM0016 Object-Oriented Programming (SDL)
6WCM0018 Principles and Applications of Web Services (SDL)
7AAD0038 Flight Mechanics
7AAD0039 Aeroelasticity
7AHP0217 Imaging for Trauma
7AHP1004 Principles of Musculoskeletal Assessment and Triage
7BSM1059 Managing and Working Across Cultures
7BSM1063 Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
7BSP0262 Postgraduate Research Methodology
7BSP0333 Principles of Project Management
7BSP0391 Intrapreneurship and Enterprise
7BSP1106 Competing Through Marketing B
7BSP1118 Financial Markets (FIM)
7BSP1135 Decision Making for Managers (ITH)
7BSP1144 Residential Field Trip
7BSP1198 Global Logistics and Transport
7BSP1218 Resource Planning in Organisations
7BSP1220 The Virtual Business Environment
7BSP1223 Accounting for Business Decisions
7BSP1228 Applied Project for MSc AFM
7BSP1235 Strategy in Public Services
7COM0172 Secure Systems Programming (Online)
7COM0186 Theory and Practice of Artificial Intelligence
7COM1033 Neural Networks and Machine Learning
7COM1036 Artificial Intelligence with Robotics Masters Project
7CTA1017 Practice 1: Composition for Film and Media 1
7CTA1019 Major Study: Screen Cultures
7CTA1025 Major Study: Games Art
7CTA1026 Major Study: Interactive Media
7CTA1038 Research and Enquiry (Distance Learning)
7ENT1026 FEA & Applications
7HSK0021 Advances in Radiotherapy and Oncology Management
7HSK0103 MRI Applications
7LAW0138 Company Law
7LAW0145 Intellectual Property Law
7LFS1021 Pharmacovigilance Regulations Eu2P
7LFS1039 Management Skills for Environmental Management
7LFS1045 Environmental Management for Agriculture Individual Research Project
7LMS0087 Clinical Supervision in Medical Practice
7LMS0103 Pharmaceutical and Forensic Analysis
7MED0010 Work Based Study:Professional Issues Related to Healthcare Practice
7MED0037 Methods of Inquiry
7MED0069 Healthcare Disciplines Project
7MED1010 Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare
7NMH0028 Immunology in Health and Illness
7NMH0029 Advancing Immunology Practice
7NMH0105 Coaching Skills for Leading
7NMH1049 Social Work Practice and Theory 2
7NMH1063 Leading and Advancing the Practice of Supervision of Midwives 2
7PHA0005 Work-Based Learning
7PSY0071 Advanced Psychology Project
7PSY0107 Individual & Organisational Learning
7PSY1003 Research Methods and Data Analysis in Psychology
7PSY1004 Advanced Methods of Quantitative Data Analysis
7SCH0044 Theory and Practice of Counselling 2
7SCH0046 Research Methods and Professional and Ethical Issues
7SCH0114 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Dissertation
7SCZ0252 Teaching & Supporting Learning in Higher Education
7SCZ0253 Foundation Course in Acupuncture-BMI Harrow
7SCZ0256 Making Sense of Leading (Skills Application)
7WCM0009 Distributed Systems Security
7WCM0026 Multimedia Specification, Design and Production (SDL)
7WCM0028 Secure Systems Programming (SDL)
7WLM0007 Work Based Learning in Health and Medical Practice
7WLM0011 Promoting Health
7WLM0013 Public Health Foundations
6HUM0373 Spanish Intermediate B3B
4AHP1026 Anatomy and Physiology for Paramedics 1a
4ARD0043 Level 1 Studio Practice B: Materials & Form
6AHP1054 Contemporary Issues in Radiotherapy Practice
6AHP1055 Radiotherapy Research Exercise
6ARD0051 Competition Briefs 3A
4HUM0164 German Beginners A1B
7WHS0011 Child Health
5HUM0316 Italian Beginners A2B
6LFS1013 Advanced Sports Development
6HUM1009 Game On!: Writing and Sport
5AHP1024 Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology for Imaging 2
5AHP1025 Principles & Applications of Imaging Science 2
5AHP1039 Professional and Contemporary Issues in Paramedic Practice
5ARD0017 Professional Development and Employability
5ARD0022 Employability and Professional Development
6COM0272 Artificial Intelligence 2 A (Artificial Life & Embodied Cognition)
7HSK0075 Lower Quadrant - Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy
7NMH1091 Advanced Nursing Care of the Adult Patient
6LMS0009 Reproductive Science and Immunology
7HSK0048 Risk, Reflection and Resilience
7HSK0134 Examination of the Newborn (Post-reg 7)
7HSK0092 Application of Ultrasound Science
7HSK0093 Ultrasound Independent Work Based Skills 1
7HSK0096 Principles of Image Reporting
4PAM1007 Engineering Mathematics
7HSK0008 Universal Public Health Practice
6HUM1019 Japanese Beginners A3B
6HUM1091 German Route C - 6b
4HUM1073 Media and Society
6LMS0048 Adaptive and Performance Physiology
6LMS0051 Strength and Conditioning
7LMS0126 Clinical Competence in Optometry
7HSK0138 Clinical Trials, Design and Management
7HSK0144 Core Skills & Methods for Social Workers & Health & Social Care Professionals
7HSK0151 Pain Mechanisms and Principles of Management in Adult Musculoskeletal Conditions
5EDU1021 Child Study
5EDU1036 Children, Schooling and Society: Sociology of Education
6EDU1041 Alternative to School Placement
6EDU1042 School Placement 3
6EDU1048 Developing Professional Practice Enrichment 1
6EDU1063 Pedagogical Leadership
7NMH1038 Developing & managing people within Healthcare
6NMH1023 Person-centred Approaches (5) Life Transitions for Adults and Older Person
6NMH1037 Caring for the Sick Child 2
6BUS1124 Corporate Treasury Management
7EDU1054 Supporting NQT's Professional Development
7EDU1063 Developing Personal and Professional Practice - Primary
7EDU1064 Primary Subject and Curriculum Knowledge
4CTA1117 Principles of Marketing (HIC)
4CTA1118 Music and Entertainment Industry Framework 1 (HIC)
4CTA1128 Studio Skills 1: Technical Design and Communication (HIC)
4CTA1136 Design Studio 1: Anatomy of Space (HIC)
4CTA1142 Product Design Skills (HIC)
6WBS0008 Business Strategy
6WBS0010 Contemporary Issues in Business and Management
4EDU1025 How People Learn: An exploration of learning theories
4LMS0117 Biology and Biochemistry - HIC
4LMS0119 Behavioural Sciences 1
4LMS0123 Cell Biology - HIC
7BSP1258 Strategic Brand Planning and Development
7BSP1259 Insight, Analysis and Marketing Decision Making
4NMH1035 Biological Basis for Health and Wellbeing
4NMH1040 Practical Midwifery Skills
6HUM0334 Journalism Portfolio
6ELE0076 Visualisation & Animation Technology
7COM1039 Advanced Computer Science Masters Project
7COM1041 Multicast and Multimedia Networking (COM)
7CTA1011 Discourse/Relection: Media Literacies
6MMF0065 MT Music and Production 3 (Version 2)
6MMF0067 Perspectives of Music 3 (Version 2)
6BUS1040 Islamic Banking and Finance
6BUS1043 Global Finance and Markets
4BUS1064 People and Organisations
6AAD0023 Vehicle Structure Analysis and Manufacture
6AAD0026 Rocket Performance and Propulsion
5CTA1036 Games Art: Digital Animation
5CTA1038 Design Studio 4: Inside Out
5CTA1050 Pre-Production in Film and TV
5CTA1060 Composition for Film and Games 2
7LMS0067 Business Planning for Commissioning (Online)
7PHA0032 Principles of Pharmaceutical Science
7PSY0050 Cognitive Neuropsychology - 1
4PSY1003 The Academic Mind
4SCZ0063 Mooting 3
4SCZ0077 Client Interviewing 3
6CTA1015 Degree Project: Digital Animation
6CTA1019 Design Studio 5: Generator
5ENT1051 Mini Project (BMT)
5BUS1036 Olympic Impact and Legacies
5SCH0043 Theory and Personal Development in Counselling 2
7CTA1041 Discourse / Reflection (Distance Learning)
7NMH1013 Emergency Care
5NMH0091 Management Perspectives in Learning Disability Nursing Practice
5NMH0111 Comprehensive Therapeutic Skills for Children's Nursing
5NMH0115 Branch Professional Practice E for Children's Nursing (Diploma Level 2)
7LFS1003 Spatial Planning: Theories and Strategies
7LFS1005 Reflective Planning Practitioner
7LFS1008 Planning for Rural Communities
5BUS1093 Cost and Performance Management
5BUS1103 The Event Experience
6PAM1016 Investigation in Physics
6NMH0264 Art and Science of Nursing
6NMH0266 International Perspective on Research Theory and Practices
6NMH0267 Leadership Skills for Healthcare Practice
6NMH0270 Psychopharmacology & Medication Management
7WCM0019 Measures and Models for Software Engineering
5BUS1015 Techniques of Economic Analysis
7SCH0116 Engagement and assessment common Mental Health problems
7SCH0118 BIA Bridging for AMHP
7SCH0124 Applied Mental Health Law
7SCZ0057 Management Development for Clinical Service & Frontline Leaders
7SCZ0149 Leadership through Coaching 2
7SCZ0150 National Award for SEN Coordination Module 1
6ENT1047 Data Communication Systems for Biomedical Applications
5WCM0011 Operating Systems and Computer Networks
7BSP1149 Institutions, Structures and Evolution
7BSP1164 Managing Change Delivery and Adoption
5LFS0034 Pathophysiology
7LAW0155 Legal Aspects of Supply Chain
7LAW1012 Information Technology
7LAW1020 Writing
7LAW1027 Litigation
5NMH1004 Safeguarding Mental Health (level 5)
5NMH1009 Person Centred Approaches 3-Supporting Psychological Health & Well-being
5NMH1014 Engagement in Recovery for Mental Health Nursing (level5)
5NMH1043 Multi-cultural Dimensions of Contemporary Learning Disability Services
5NMH1044 International Dimensions of Contemporary Learning Disability Services
5PAM0030 Number Theory
7LFS1034 Environmental Management Tools and Methods
6SCH0048 Solution Focused Brief Therapy
7LAW1039 E-Commerce Law
7LAW1042 Banking Law
5BUS1060 Economic Growth, Aggregate Price and Income
4LMS0026 Examination and Management of Lower Limb Sports Injuries
4LMS0036 Graduate and Professional Skills 1: Sports Therapy
6NMH1138 Understanding Nursing Practice
5COM0091 Computer Architecture
5COM0105 Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
6CTA0001 Year Abroad (Creative Arts)
5HUM1082 An Introduction to Digital History B
5HUM1066 Renaissance Literature
4CTA1043 Shape and Form
6ENT0001 Year Abroad
7MED0014 Theoretical and Professional Issues in Western Medical Acupuncture Practice
7BSP1018 Agile Project Management
4WED0007 Work Based Project
5AAD0006 Aerospace Design,Test and Certification
7MED0056 Foundation Skills in Psychiatric Practice
7BSP1045 HRM Practice and Perspectives A
7BSP1085 Marketing Across Cultures B
5HUM1089 Lines on the Map: Explorations in Colonial Writing
6AHP0041 Research in Practice
7PSY1016 Research Apprenticeship in Neuropsychology
7PSY1030 Research Dissertation in Clinical Psychology
7PSY0094 Policy & Practice in Health Psychology 1
7PSY0096 Policy & Practice in Health Psychology 2
7PSY0100 Ergonomics and Human Factors
7COM1015 Programming and Program Design
7EDU1041 Enquiry Skills
6AHP1016 Enhancing Health & Social Care through Inter-professional Education
6AHP1039 Applied Research
6LAW0029 Company Law
5EDU1010 Inclusion, Diversity and Equality in the Workplace
5EDU1013 School Placement 2
5EDU1016 Developing Professional Practice Consolidation 2
5EDU1018 English: Diversity and Inclusion
4CTA1088 Professional and Industrial Context 1 (HIC)
4CTA1098 2D Animation and Video Practices (HIC)
6HUM1123 The Humanities Placement Year
4CTA1005 3D Creative Processes A
4CTA1026 Design Studio 2: Fashion Realisation
6HUM1097 Mass Communications Placement Year
6PHA0005 Business Management
6PHA1001 Pharmeceutical Analysis, Production and Quality Control
7CST0016 Teaching English as an International Language
7CST0017 Course & Syllabus Design in English Language Teaching
6LMS0012 Outdoor Recreation, Access and Education
7HSK0100 Image Recognition: Brain (CT)
7HSK0080 Advancing Neuromusculoskeletal Clinical Practice
7HSK0087 Cardiology in Out-Of-Hospital Care
6COM0244 Professional Work Placement in Computer Science
6COM0250 Programming Language Design and Implementation B
7EDU0357 Learning and Teaching in Subject Studies MFL Secondary PGCE
7EDU1011 Supporting Learning through Change
7EDU1018 Early Interventions in Child Poverty - Partners in Leadership
6CTA1062 Pre-Production, Marketing and Distribution
5PHA1002 Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Manufacture
5PHA1004 Analytical Science
5PSY0043 Psychological Research
7WHS0015 Public Health and the Primary Care Practitioner
7WHS0020 Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion Project Report
7WEN0001 Financial Control
4CTA1159 Fine Art Practice 1B
4CTA1160 Fine Art in Context 1
4CTA1169 Fine Art Practice 1A - HIC
4CTA1173 Visual Communication - HIC
4PHA0007 Chemistry for Bio 1
6ENT1030 Smart Systems
4ELE0050 Digital Electronics & Computer Organisation
4ELE0062 Sound & Psychoacoutics (HIBT)
4ELE0067 Software Application Practice
5BUS1162 Macroeconomics
5HUM1098 Research Methods in Media Communications
7HUM1011 Reading the Vampire: Science, Sexuality and Alterity in Modern Culture
7HUM1027 Communications Technologies
7HUM1029 Writing for Magazines and Understanding the Magazine Business
7HUM1053 Creative Writing Dissertation
4HSK0008 Readiness for Direct Practice - Skills 1
7HSK0064 Management of Long Term Musculoskeletal Related Conditions
6HUM1145 Media Project
7EDU1073 Leadership in Education
5HSK0008 Social Policy
5HSK0010 Values and ethics for social workers
5HSK0024 Research Methods
4COM0047 E-Media Design
4COM1014 Computer Networks and Introduction to Wireless
4HUM1083 Introduction to Journalism (HIC)
4HUM1084 Introduction to Media Communications (HIC)
4HUM1086 Media and Society (HIC)
4HUM1087 Web Animation (HIC)
7BSP0339 Project Management for Innovation
4LMS0065 Functional Agro-ecology - HIC
4LMS0099 Statistics for Psychologists 1 - HIC
7COM0114 Business Computing MSc Project
7COM0163 Distributed Systems Security (Online)
6BUS1050 Visitor Attraction Management
6CTA1083 Degree Planning (CDC)
6EDU1081 Research Project Part 2
0HUM1034 Pre-Sessional English for Academic Purposes STANDARD 3
0HUM1048 Pre-Sessional English for Academic Purposes HIGHER 3
6WLM0002 Research Project in Sport Management
7AAD0021 Control of Mechanical Systems
4LMS0017 Introduction to Biochemistry (HIC)
4COM1040 Models and Methods in Computing
4MMF0019 Film and TV Media Industries: Professional Development 1
4MMF0045 T/Audio Systems and Applications 1 (Version 2)
6NMH1056 Imagination and Innovation in Evidence-based Nursing Care
6NMH1058 The Developing Child Through the Age Continuum
6NMH1082 Holistic Nursing Care of the Acutely Ill Adult
6NMH1100 Person-centred Approaches (3) Psychological Health & Well-being - 2nd Reg
7LMS0117 Learning, Training and Development
6WBS0020 Digital Economy (SDL)
5LMS0017 Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Analysis
5LMS0023 Chemistry and Analytical Science
6CTA1002 Critical and Cultural Studies L6: Degree Essay / Report (Design)
6CTA1003 Group Project
6CTA1005 Critical and Cultural Studies L6: Degree Essay / Report (Visual Arts)
6HSK0007 Universal public health practice
5LMS0034 Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation
5LMS0035 Examination and Management of Upper Limb Sports Injuries
5LMS0040 Graduate and Professional Skills 2: Sports Therapy
5LMS0050 Graduate and Professional Skills 2 -SAFS
6EDU1032 Learning and Teaching in Art and Design
5HUM1103 Film Production
7LMS0081 Adverse Drug Reactions by Major Body Systems II
5CTA1106 Pre-Production and Production
5CTA1108 Illustration Essentials Pt 2
7LFS0028 Industrial Biotechnology
7LFS0048 Principles of Pharmacovigilance
0ARD0002 Introduction to Art, Design, Film, Media and Music
0HUM1054 Chemistry for Life Sciences 2
0IFS0049 English for Academic Study A
4AHP1003 Cardiorespiratory
4AHP1005 Neurosciences 1
4AHP1009 Practice Education 4
4BUS1011 Introduction to Marketing Communications
4BUS1024 Work and Organisations
4COM1037 Programming
4COM1047 Platforms for Computing (HIC)
4CTA1056 Design Crafts: Histories, Concepts, Practices (C&CS)
4CTA1186 Fashion Business 1: Introduction to Fashion Business
4CTA1197 Marketing for the Music Business - HIC
4EDU0102 Year 1 School Placement
4EDU0104 Supporting Curriculum Access
4ELE0069 E-Culture
4ENT1006 Mechanical Experimental Engineering
4ENT1014 Introduction to Design for Technologists (HIBT)
4HUM0068 Web Animation
4HUM0170 Chinese Beginners A1B
4HUM0181 Reason and Persuasion
4HUM0193 Web Animation (HIBT)
4HUM1012 Philosophy of Film and Literature
4LAW1014 Law of Contract
4LMS0009 Mapping Human Geographies
4LMS0048 Graduate and Professional Skills 1
4NMH0108 Quality Care Enhancement 1 - Generating the Evidence for Children's Nursing
4NMH0111 Branch Professional Practice B for Children's Nursing (Diploma Level 1)
4NMH1002 The Personal Journey in Mental Health Nursing 1
4NMH1013 Concepts and Theories for Mental Health and Wellbeing
4NMH1017 Evidence to Enhance Practice
4PAM0023 Applications of Computing
4WCM0017 System Requirements
5BUS1037 Managing People
5BUS1065 European Consumer Markets: Issues and Trends
5BUS1070 Enterprise Applications
5BUS1082 Enhancing Employability in Marketing
5BUS1085 Enhancing Employability
5BUS1087 Managing People B
5BUS1115 Health Economics
5BUS1118 Consumer Behaviour
5BUS1160 Skills for Economists
5COM1021 Advanced Networking 2
5COM1060 IT in Organisations
5CTA1007 Professional Work Experience 15: Screen
5CTA1078 Connections and Perspectives: exploring creative media and digital cultures (C&C
5CTA1126 Games Design
5CTA1138 Managing a Small Music Business
5ENT1001 Computer Aided Manufacture
5ENT1039 Aircraft Systems
5HUM0204 Media and Society
5HUM0275 European Revolutions 1789-1989 A
5HUM0304 Spanish Beginners A2B
5HUM0305 French Intermediate B2A
5HUM0359 Applied Acting Skills: Role Play and the Uses of Drama
5HUM0361 Language, Law and Politics
5HUM1025 Acting: Stage V Screen
5HUM1035 Writing the Past
5HUM1045 German Route B - 5a
5HUM1051 Mandarin Route A - 5b
5HUM1057 Spanish Route C - 5a
5HUM1067 Enlightenment Literature
5LFS0068 Microbial Disease & Immunology
5LFS1015 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology
5LFS1017 Applied Sports Coaching
5LMS0002 Applied Healthcare Science
5LMS0004 Molecular and Cell Biology
5LMS0005 Microbiology of Disease
5LMS0008 Molecular Biology for Healthcare Sience
5LMS0029 Applied Nutrition for Health and Physical Activity
5NMH0214 Improving the Quality of Mental Health Nursing Care
5NMH0217 Mental Health Nursing Practice E/F (Level 2)
5NMH1003 Engagement and Assessment for Mental Health Nursing (level 5)
5PAM0026 Optical Physics & Electromagnetism
5PAM0028 Professional Teaching Skills
5WBS0014 Exploring Business Ethics
5WBS0018 Media and Public Relations
6ART0034 Fashion Professional Portfolio (with Marketing)
6BUS0279 Business and Commercial Awareness
6BUS0393 Financial Management (Preparatory) GCIB
6BUS1007 Dissertation - Accounting
6BUS1047 Creative Problem Solving for Managers
6BUS1065 Small Business Management
6BUS1094 Contemporary Issues in Event Management
6BUS1095 Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management
6COM0261 Data Mining and Visualisation B (Data Visualisation)
6COM0264 Web Application Development B (enhancement)
6COM0267 Empirical Evaluation in Software Engineering B (Applications)
6COM0269 Empirical Evaluation in Software Engineering A (Principles)
6ELE0077 Biometrics & Security
6ENT1010 Aerospace Performance, Propulsion and Design
6HSK0004 Research and evidence based public health practice
6HSK0041 Maternal Perinatal Mental Health
6HUM0318 Language & Communication Short Project
6HUM0326 The Third Reich A
6HUM0351 Issues in English
6HUM0362 Children's Literature:Growing up in Books
6HUM0378 German Project
6HUM0396 Italian Beginners A3A
6HUM0402 Independent Study Module B
6HUM0430 Corporate Advertising and Media Relations
6HUM0431 Worlds Apart 1: Utopian & Dystopian Writing
7HEP1048 Independent work based skills 2
6HUM1002 Journalism, Government and the People
6HUM1014 Digital Histories: A Workshop in critical skills and practical applications B
6HUM1017 Language, Interpretation and Communication
6HUM1031 Texts and Screens: Studies in Literary Adaptation
6HUM1041 Online Journalism
6HUM1043 Video Essay
6HUM1053 Campaigns and Careers
6HUM1063 Language and Gender
6HUM1067 French Route A - 6b
6HUM1069 Spanish Route A - 6b
6HUM1090 German Route C - 6a
6LFS0012 Implementating Geospatial Information
6LFS0015 Industrial Biotechnology
6LFS0050 Cellular & Molecular Pathology
6LFS1003 Year Abroad - SPS
6LFS1016 Final Year Project - Sports Studies
6LMS0024 Occupational and Work Psychology
6LMS0027 Applied and Integrated Pharmacological Science
6MMF0006 Pre-Production for 3D Digital Animation
6MMF0031 Film and TV Production and Post-Production: Documentary Project
6MMF0035 Film and TV Production and Post-Production: Entertainment Project
6MMF0050 Media Business Project
6MMF0058 Pre-production for Visual Effects
6NMH0096 Branch Professional Practice F for Children's Nursing (Degree Level 3)
6NMH0294 Consolidating Specialist Practice SCN
6NMH0316 Branch Professional Practice D for Learning Disability Nursing (Degree)
6NMH1001 Honours Project
6NMH1112 Examination of the Healthy Newborn
6NMH1113 Physical Examination of the Healthy Newborn
6NMH1122 Investigating Normal Childbirth
6NMH1131 Preparation for Mentorship Distance/Blended Option
6NMH1150 Leadership and Management to Enhance Practice (KPJ)
6NMH1152 International Perspectives on Research Methods
6SCZ0063 Autistic Spectrum Conditions
6SCZ0064 Positive Approaches to Managing Challenging Behaviours in LD Services
6SCZ0075 Advanced Health Monitoring Skills for Learning Disability Practitioners
6SCZ0078 Patient Assessment & Management for Paramedics
6WBS0019 Business and Commercial Awareness
6WCM0012 Further Object Orientated Development (SDL)
6WCM0021 Rich Internet Applications Design and Development
7AHP0179 Principles of Image Reporting
7AHP0239 Pathophysiology for image interpretation of the skeletal system 2
7AHP1026 Independent Professional Study 2
7AHP1027 Independent Professional Study 1
7BSM0228 Appraising Organisational Performance A
7BSM1058 Research Methods for Business
7BSM1062 Strategic Marketing and Communications
7BSM1065 The Creative Economy
7BSP0178 Quantitative Analysis
7BSP0233 Dissertation: Accounting and Finance
7BSP0431 Managing Information
7BSP1038 Leadership and Management Development A
7BSP1129 Dissertation (Strategic Business and Information Systems)
7BSP1138 People Management and Development
7BSP1145 The Global Economy in Context
7BSP1208 Managing in International Business
7BSP1222 Integrated Work-Based Project
7BSP1226 Emerging Issues in Accounting and Finance
7COM0175 Web Services (Online)
7COM0181 Mobile Computing MSc Project (Online)
7COM0184 Wireless, Mobile and Ad-hoc Networking
7COM0207 Web Scripting and Content Creation (online)
7COM1014 Systems Modelling
7COM1021 Web Services
7COM1026 Software Engineering Practice and Experience
7COM1034 Theory and Practice of Artificial Intelligence
7CTA1018 Discourse / Reflection: Music, Media and Production
7CTA1020 Major Study: Character Creation and Special Effects
7CTA1021 Major Study: Digital Media Arts
7CTA1024 Major Study: Animation
7CTA1031 Major Study: Fashion
7CTA1037 Practice 1: Art and Design (Distance Learning)
7EDU1032 Learning and Teaching in MFL
7HEP1045 Advanced Airway Management and Ventilation
7HEP1046 Management of the Critically ill/injured patient
7HSK0001 Pain: Contemporary Issues in the Health Sciences
7HSK0009 Consolidating Public Health Practice
7HSK0063 Research Investigation
7HSK0077 Foundation Acupuncture
7HUM1069 Course & Syllabus Design in English Language Teaching
7HUM1072 The Practice of English Language Teaching 2
7LAW0141 Dissertation - LLM
7LAW1048 Conflict of Laws
7LAW1049 International Financial Law
7LFS1032 Sustainable Energy
7LFS1033 Environmental Policy and Governance
7MED0009 Healthcare Disciplines Project
7MED0072 Business Skills for Clinicians
7MMF0099 Pitch Structures
7NMH1003 Assessment - Physiology based
7NMH1008 Pain Management
7NMH1051 Assessment and Management of Health Needs
7NMH1052 Non-Medical Prescribing (Nurses)
7NMH1065 Journey to Motherhood M
7PAM1030 Galaxy Structure and Evolution
7PHA0016 Public Health
7PHA0019 Mental Health
7PSY0067 Core Research Skills - Psychology
7PSY0082 Using Data to Address Research Questions
7PSY1005 Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology
7SCH0109 CBT for Common Mental Health Problems 1
7SCZ0248 Autistic Spectrum Conditions
7SCZ0250 Work Based Learning for Leading in the Public Services
7SCZ0254 Foundation Course in Acupuncture-Barnet
7WCM0031 Software Engineering MSc Project
7WCM0040 Wireless, Mobile and Ad-hoc Networking (SDL)
7WLM0015 Public Health Research and Epidemiology
5HUM0355 Spanish Advanced C2A
4HUM1009 Japanese for Beginners A1A
4HUM1023 Britons: Who do we think they are? A
4BUS1031 Introduction to Microeconomics
4BUS1033 Introduction to Macroeconomics
4AHP1023 Clinical Imaging of the Spine, Pelvis and Abdomen
4ARD0011 English for Specialist Studies 1
4ARD0012 English for Specialist Studies 2
4ARD0022 Fashion: Introduction to Creative Processes
4ARD0044 Core Skills
4ARD0051 Introduction to Fine Art Studio Practice
4BUS0075 Basic Statistics
4BUS1004 Principles of Tourism Marketing
6ARD0054 Final Major Project 3B
4HUM0174 Spanish Advanced C1B
4HUM0163 German Beginners A1A
6NMH0216 Research & Evidence for health
5HUM0314 German Advanced C2B
5HUM0320 French Advanced C2B
7BSM0194 People Management A
7BSM0206 Entrepreneurship and Enterprise A
5BUS1041 International Field Trip
5AHP1023 Behavioural Sciences 2
5AHP1040 Evidence Based Practice and Research
5ARD0076 The Live Pitch 2B
5ARD0077 Visual Skills 2A
5HUM1100 Journalism Skills: Features
7NMH1082 Nursing in Context
7HSK0049 Enhancing Practice
6BUS1009 Economics of Business Organisation
6HUM1062 Mesmerism to Magick: The Occult Sciences 1750-1950
4HUM1068 Introduction to Media Practices (HIC)
7HPD0037 Issues in Health Law and Ethics
7HSK0091 Vascular Ultrasound - Carotids and DVT
7HSK0094 Ultrasound Independent Work Based Skills 2
7HSK0097 Musculoskeletal Image Interpretation
7HSK0098 Clinical Applications: Musculoskeletal Image Interpretation
7HSK0003 Promoting child and family health and wellbeing
5HUM0291 Politics and Culture in Eighteenth Century Britain B
5HUM0292 Early Modern England 1500-1650: Growth and Polarisation
6LMS0053 Applied and Integrated Molecular Science
7LMS0125 Business Skills for Optometry Practice
5EDU1023 Transitions in Early Childhood
5EDU1030 Educational thinking through time: Key Acts and Reports
6EDU1062 Developing Mathematics and Literacy in Early Childhood
7NMH1040 Leading and developing health care services
6CTA1089 Photography L6 Degree Essay / Report
6EDU1003 Creative Practice in Early Years
6NMH1024 Learning for Professional Development III
6NMH1030 The Personal Journey in Mental Health Nursing III
6NMH1034 Advanced Nursing Care of the Adult Patient
6NMH1038 Person-centred Approaches (4) Life Transitions for Adolescents and Adults
4CTA1139 Design Studio 2: Serious Play (HIC)
6WBS0007 Global Marketing, Ethics and Culture (SDL)
4EDU1016 Developing Professional Practice Induction 1
4EDU1019 Creativity and Learning
4ELE0041 Electronic Engineering Practice
4ELE0044 Electronic Engineering Practice (HIBT)
4ELE0046 Computer Programming for Electronic Engineers (HIBT)
4LMS0108 Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Ocular Therapeutics
4MMF0003 Learning Skills
7AHP1022 Advancing Neuromusculoskeletal Clinical Practice
7BSP1247 Managing People and Organisations
4NMH1032 An Introduction to Inter-professional Education
4NMH1033 Biological Basis for Health and Wellbeing
4PAM0007 Mathematical Techniques 1 (L1)
4HUM1077 Graphics for the Web
6BUS1149 Industry Practice in Business (MLO)
6BUS1151 Industry Practice in Accounting and Finance
6HUM1136 Publishing Project
6ELE0074 Telecommunication Systems
7COM1064 Preparation for Placement
6MMF0066 T/Studio Technology 3 (Version 2)
6MMF0070 Studies and Investigations 3 (Version 2)
6MMF0071 Professional Portfolio
6MMF0075 Emergent Media and Markets
6BUS1037 IT Management for Business Project
5PSY0048 Statistics for Psychologists 2
5PSY0052 Research Methods for Psychologists 2
5PSY1001 Biological Psychology
4BUS1062 International Environment of Business 1: Economics
6BUS1056 Strategic HRM Perspectives
5CTA1043 Studio Skills 2: Fashion Technologies
5CTA1054 Turbo A
5CTA1058 Perspectives of Music 2
5CTA1062 Sound Bytes 2
5CTA1063 Audio Engineering 2
4BUS1019 Methods and Systems for Business Decisions
7PHA1010 Pharmaceutical Care (Work Based)
7PHA1013 Applied Therapeutics 2-short term/acute disease states (work based)
7PHA1025 Therapeutics (OSPAP)
7PHA1032 Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs
4SCZ0052 Academic English & Transferable Study Skills (AETSS)
4SCZ0060 Mediation 3 (15 credits)
4SCZ0071 War of Words 3
4SCZ0074 Student Leadership 3
4SCZ0075 Client Interviewing 1
7EDU1031 Learning and Teaching in Art and Design
6CTA1026 Professional Context Model
5BUS1084 Enhancing Employability in Accounting and Finance
7ENT1007 CFD Techniques
7ENT1009 Radio and Mobile Communications
7ENT1013 Artificial Intelligence
7AAD0056 Automotive Electrical Systems
7AAD0057 Automotive Materials & Manufacture
5ENT1045 Webcasting
5ENT1046 Interactive Software Design
5ENT1050 Mini Project (MST)
4WCM0007 Foundations of Computation
5SCZ0029 Peer-Assisted Learning in Practice
5SCZ0031 Fundamental Spirometry
5WBS0001 Analysing Financial Information
7CTA1007 Discourse / Reflection: Media Discourses
7CTA1045 Art Therapy Practice Part B
7CTA1052 Experiential Training 1
4LFS0045 Sustainable Futures
7NMH1012 End of Life Care
5LAW1013 Commercial Law
5NMH0090 Quality Care Enhancement 2 - Evidence & Research for Improving Practice in Learn
5NMH0114 Branch Professional Practice D for Children's Nursing (Diploma Level 2)
5NMH0127 Management Skills for Adult Nursing
5NMH0132 Branch Professional Practice F for Adult Nursing (Diploma Level 2)
5BUS1098 Modelling Business Problems
5BUS1105 Event Planning, Design and Community Engagement
5LMS0012 People, Place and Movement
5BUS1017 Quantitative Methods for Finance
5BUS1018 Public Relations Concepts and Campaigns
7SCZ0139 Advanced ECG Interpretation
7SCZ0145 Professional Development Course WHHT
6ENT1041 Pilot Studies and Flight Analysis
6ENT1045 Materials and Bio-compatibility
6ENT1011 Aerospace Performance, Propulsion, Design & Manufacture
7BSP1159 Managing Projects
7BSP1161 Project Enquiry
7BSP1163 Organisational Problem Solving
7BSP1176 Becoming an Effective Consultant
5LFS0042 Applied Sport Coaching
7LAW1016 Personal Injury
7LAW1029 International Business Law
5NMH1016 Nursing Adults with Long Term Conditions
5NMH1017 Holistic Nursing Care of the Acutely Ill Adult
5NMH1029 Learning for Professional Development 2
5NMH1032 Multi-Cultural Dimensions of Contemporary Learning Disability Services
5NMH1034 Person-centred Approaches 3 - Supporting Psychological Health and Well-being
5NMH1037 Learning for Professional Development II
5NMH1039 Multi-Cultural Dimensions of Contemporary Learning Disability Services
5NMH1060 Complex Midwifery
5NMH1062 Birth and Early Parenthood
7LAW1037 Alternative Dispute Resolution
4LMS0021 Foundations of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
4LMS0029 Foundations of Exercise Training and Testing
4LMS0035 Graduate and Professional Skills 1: Sport & Exercise Science
6NMH1139 Understanding Nursing Practice
6NMH1147 Evidence for Nursing
7NMH1054 Pharmacist Independent Prescribing L7
5COM0087 Programming and Program Design 2
5COM0090 Data Management and Applications
7ENT1043 Biomedical Embedded Systems
7ENT1046 Assistive Technologies
6WCM0019 Quantum Computing
4CTA1053 Introduction to the Music and Entertainment Industry 1
5HUM1096 Magazine Design
7BSP1009 Human Resource Management in the Global Environment
7AHP0146 Imaging for Non-Trauma
7AHP0200 Advances in Practice
7MED0055 Approaches and Organisation of Specialist Mental Health Services
7MED0057 Narrative Enquiry in Health and Medicine
6AHP0061 Radiotherapy Practice & Patient Care 3
6AHP0080 Comparative Imaging
6AHP1008 Organisation and delivery of health care
6AHP1013 Public Health Nutrition in Specific Population Groups
6BUS0299 Project Management
7PSY1021 Psychopathology
7PSY1023 Psychological Assessment
7PSY0089 Community, Diversity & Epidemiology 1
7PSY0095 Research Methods in Health Psychology 2
6AHP1024 Pharmacology for paramedic practice
5HUM1102 European Film and Television Style
6LMS0043 Exercise and Health Promotion
4CTA1091 Composition for Film and Games 1 (HIC)
4CTA1092 Composition and Performance 1 (HIC)
4CTA1102 Photography: Histories and Cultures (HIC)
4CTA1105 Photography Practices (HIC)
4EDU1011 Children's Development in English
5CTA0001 Year Abroad
6PHA0003 Medicines and Professional Practice III
5HUM1093 The Rise of the Novel: Jane Austen and her Contemporaries
5LAW1017 Law of Tort
6BUS0384 People Development
6HUM1143 US Cinema: Studio System to Digital Era
6WBS0014 International Human Resource Management
6COM0251 Principles and Applications of Web Services B (architecture)
7EDU0365 Leadership and Partnership of a Children's Centre
7EDU0371 Undertaking Practice Based Research
6BUS1070 Databases for Management Decision Making
6LMS0066 Public Health Nutrition
6LMS0067 Psychology Work Experience
6LMS0075 Nutrition Placement Year
6CTA1074 Design and Evaluation of Interactive Systems
6NMH0158 Preparation for Mentorship
5PHA0004 Pharmacology and Therapeutics
5PHA1001 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
6BUS1148 Industry Practice in Business (AFE)
7WLA0022 Legal Aspects of Supply Chain
6EDU1008 Thinking Skills: Supporting Children's Cognition
4CTA1167 Film and Television Production: Studio and Location Production - HIC
4CTA1168 Film and Television Post-Production: Editing and Multi-Platform Content - HIC
4CTA1179 Creativity, Concept and Story - HIC
5BUS1164 Business Economics Techniques
7HUM1014 Screen Violence: Contemporary Issues in Screen Studies
6COM1064 Professional Work Placement (SDfB)
6BUS1205 The Effective Financial Manager
7EDU1070 Developing Professional Practice - SD Primary
5HPD0020 Interprofessional Working in Health and Social Care 2
5HSK0006 Social work theory and methods
5HSK0011 Collabrative Working with Service users and Carers
5HSK0020 Readiness to Practice 2: Skills for Social Workers
4COM0052 Internet Technologies
4HUM1081 Introduction to Film Criticism (HIC)
7BSP0336 Quality and Change Management
7BSP0353 The Global Economy
4LMS0060 Ecosystems and Environmental Change - HIC
4LMS0061 Geographies of Governance - HIC
4LMS0062 Graduate and Professional Skills 1 - HIC
4LMS0084 Foundations of Sports Coaching - HIC
4LMS0087 Introduction to Sports Management - HIC
4LMS0100 Research Methods for Psychologists 1 - HIC
4LMS0102 Psychology in Action - HIC
7COM0089 Mobile Computing MSc Project
7COM0098 Network System Administration
7COM0101 Mobile Standards, Interfaces & Applications
7COM0167 Mobile Standards, Interfaces & Applications (Online)
6BUS1027 Event Project
6BUS1028 Dissertation - Marketing
6BUS1021 Advertising Strategy
6CTA1079 Pre-Production for 2D
4LFS0028 Cell Biology and Development
4LFS0029 Human Physiology
6EDU1070 School Direct Primary SBT 2
6WED0001 Exhibition, Impact Study and Career Development
6WLM0001 Leadership and Management in High Performance Sport
4LMS0010 Introduction to Field Research
4LMS0013 Human Physiology with Pharmacology (HIC)
4LMS0015 Chemistry for the Biological Sciences (HIC)
4COM1039 Programming (B)
6NMH1063 Imagination and Innovation in Evidence-based Nursing Care
6NMH1065 Person-centred Approaches 2 - Supporting People with Complex Needs
6NMH1071 Person-centred Planning (4) Life Transitions for Adolescents and Adults
6NMH1074 Building Capability & Enhancing Capacity (3) - Management & Leadership
6NMH1077 Person-centred Approaches 3 - Psychological Health & Well-being - 2nd Reg
4LFS1013 Introduction to Biochemistry, Microbiology & Pharmacology
6CTA1004 Critical Reasoning and Evaluation
6BUS0184 Electronic Commerce A
5WED0003 Organisational Learning
6AAD0004 Aerodynamics and Engine Design for Motorsport
5CTA1010 Product, Design and Development
5CTA1012 Film and TV Histories and Cultures
5CTA1015 Visual Effects
5LMS0054 Binocular Vision and Perception
5MMF0030 Film and TV Post Production: Sound and Vision Post
6EDU1029 School Based Training 1
0HUM1012 Study in the UK (Higher)
7LMS0083 Principles of Pharmacovigilance
6HUM1141 Film in the Global Age
5CTA1113 Fine Art Practice 2A
7LFS0025 Genes, Proteins and Development
7LFS0027 Molecular Medicine
7LFS0031 Project - Mol Biol, Biotech, Pharmacology & Bioinformatics
0AHP0003 Sandwich Year - Paramedic Science
0CST0002 Mathematics for Technology
0CST0004 Electrical Science
0IFS0011 Academic Study Strategies 1
0IFS0012 Academic Study Strategies 2
0NMH0013 Work-based Learning for International Students 2
4AAD0028 Career Skills Development
4AAD0041 Computing for Business & Technology (HIBT)
4AHP1014 Introduction to Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Radiotherapy
4BUS1021 Marketing Data Analysis
4BUS1027 Introduction to Management
4BUS1086 Digital Marketing Essentials
4BUS1095 Professional Development in Advertising
4COM1038 Programming (A)
4COM1046 Models and Methods in Computing (HIC)
4CTA1058 Fine Art: Visions, Context, Languages
4CTA1071 Studio Practice B: Thinking Through Making
4CTA1184 Arts Therapies and Wellbeing Working Group
4EDU0107 Developing the Teaching Assistant Role
4ENT1012 Motorsport and Automotive Technology (HIBT)
4HUM0079 Introduction to Poetry
4HUM0158 French Intermediate B1A
4HUM0168 German Advanced C1A
4HUM0197 Research Methods in Media and Communication (HIBT)
4HUM0198 Graphics for the Web (HIBT)
4HUM1003 Italian Intermediate B1A
4HUM1027 Writing Performing and Dialogue
4HUM1037 French Route C - 4b
4HUM1047 German Route B - 4b
4HUM1049 Italian Route A - 4b
4LFS1020 Study Skills and Employability
4LMS0053 Professional Practice for Nutrition
4NMH0100 Quality Care Enhancement 1 - Generating the Evidence for Learning Disability Nur
4NMH0109 Introduction to Therapeutic Skills for Children's Nursing
4PAM0028 Laboratory Physics 1 (HIBT)
4WBS0001 Accounting for Business
4WBS0008 Quantitative Methods for Business and Management
5AAD0032 Career Planning
5ART0038 Approaches to Contemporary Film
5ART0055 Design and Desire
5BUS0256 Statistical Modelling
5BUS1023 Principles of Operations Management
5BUS1032 Marketing Planning
5BUS1086 Consumers, Firms and Markets
5BUS1116 Labour Economics
5BUS1122 Marseille L5
5BUS1153 Management Accounting
5BUS1157 Corporate Finance
5COM1062 System Requirements
5COM1063 Web Scripting
5CTA1123 Concept Art for 2D
5CTA1125 Advanced Specialisms for Games
5CTA1137 Fashion Business 3: The Practice of Fashion Business
5EDU0086 Working with Children with Specific Learning Difficulties
5EDU0088 Supporting Identified Needs
5ENT1033 Integrated Engineering Systems Design
5ENT1034 Computer Aided Engineering
5ENT1040 Thermofluid Mechanics
5ENT1041 Motorsport Design
5ENT1062 Aerospace Systems Modelling & Control
5HUM0010 The Right and The Good
5HUM0147 Philosophy of Mind
5HUM0205 Film Production
5HUM0206 Media in an International Context
5HUM0233 The Poem
5HUM0270 Vocabulary
5HUM0271 Politics and Culture in Eighteenth Century Britain A
5HUM0302 French Beginners A2A
5HUM0306 French Intermediate B2B
5HUM0330 Learning and Teaching Language 1
5HUM0350 Employability and Careers Planning
5HUM1002 Social and Political Philosophy
5HUM1007 Journalism Skills: Features, Markets and Styles
5HUM1012 Making Histories: public history work experience
5HUM1013 Japanese Beginners A2B
5HUM1019 Ways of Reading: Literature and Theory
5HUM1023 A Culture of Print: Popular Literature in Early Modern England
5HUM1034 Sounds of English
5HUM1043 German Route A - 5b
5HUM1056 Italian Route A - 5a
5HUM1064 Graduate Skills
5HUM1075 Becoming a Publisher
5LAW1012 European Union Law
5LFS0033 Pharmacology & Therapeutics
5LFS0047 Geographical and Environmental Processes in Europe
5LFS1016 Biochemistry and Metabolism 2
5LFS1018 Research Skills
5LMS0003 Bioscience Work Experience
5NMH0088 Professional and Legal Aspects of Learning Disability Health and Social Care
5NMH0186 Diversity in Lifestyles and Inequalities in Health
6AAD0036 Aircraft Systems Integration
6BUS0225 Marketing Communications:A&D
6BUS1010 International Production and Governance
6BUS1025 Global Marketing Ethics and Culture
6BUS1062 Social Networking and Enterprise
6BUS1101 Contemporary Issues in Business and Management
6BUS1128 Entrepreneurship in the Music Industry
6BUS1161 Event Impact & Legacies
6BUS1184 Advanced Management Accounting
6BUS1190 Accounting in the Voluntary Sector
6COM0266 Strategic Information Systems Planning & Management B
6COM0279 Professional Issues in Computing B
6COM0280 Professional Issues in Computing A
6COM0286 Artificial Intelligence Project
6COM1005 Strategic Information Systems Planning & Management (COM)
6CTA1035 Project (Songwriting)
6CTA1036 Project (Film and Games)
6ELE0066 Digital Signal Processing
6ELE0079 Distributed Systems & Network Management
6ELE0082 Content Retrieval, Management & Governance
6HSK0001 Public health: Policy, principles and practice
6HUM0020 Aristotle P
6HUM0143 Renaissance Tragedy
6HUM0228 Eighteenth Century Bodies
6HUM0239 Child Language & Communication
6HUM0241 Clinical Linguistics
6HUM0245 ELT Project
6HUM0327 Independent Study and Research Project
6HUM0353 Postmodern Genders
6HUM0376 German Mini Project
6HUM0394 Spanish Advanced C3A
6HUM0395 Spanish Advanced C3B
6HUM0398 Spanish Intermediate B3A
6HUM0401 Independent Study Module A
6HUM0438 Screen Acting
6HUM1011 Popular Protest, Riot and Reform in Britain, 1760-1848 B
6HUM1040 Digital Media
6HUM1044 Television Drama
6HUM1066 French Route A - 6a
6HUM1070 French Route B - 6b
6HUM1074 German Route A - 6b
6HUM1076 German Route B - 6b
6HUM1081 Spanish Route C - 6a
6HUM1082 Spanish Route C - 6b
6HUM1083 Italian Route A - 6a
6HUM1092 Philosophy of Psychology
6HUM1094 Political Philosophy
6HUM1100 Graduate & Employability Skills
6HUM1104 Debates in Pragmatics
6LAW1022 Human Rights
6LFS0017 Translation of Science into Medicines
6LFS0031 Individual Research Project - GE
6LFS0055 Therapeutic Pharmacology
6LMS0025 Pharmaceutical Synthesis, Production and Analysis
6MMF0060 Competitions, Festivals, Exhibitions
6NMH0093 Advanced Therapeutic Skills for Children's Nursing
6NMH0095 Branch Professional Practice E for Children's Nursing (Degree Level 3)
6NMH0105 Integrated Therapeutic Skills for Children's Nursing
6NMH0112 Empowering Midwives in Normal Midwifery Practice
6NMH0226 Preparation for Mentorship
6NMH0244 Support and Recovery and the Mental Health Nurse C
6NMH0291 Nutritional Wellbeing in Pregnancy
6NMH0297 Developing Community Practice
6NMH1006 Assessment - Systematic Approaches
6NMH1008 Minor Injury - Autonomous practice
6NMH1015 Work Based Learning
6NMH1018 Person-centred Approaches 2 - Supporting People with Complex Needs - 2nd Reg
6NMH1108 Learning Disability - Enabling Health Inclusion for Service-Users
6NMH1114 Complex Midwifery M
6NMH1120 Complex Social Issues in Maternity Care
6NMH1121 Managing Emergencies in Childbirth
6NMH1154 Transcultural Nursing KPJ
6PAM0027 Space Dynamics
6PAM1002 Complex Analysis
6PAM1004 Computational Physics
6PSY0017 Psychology Project
6PSY0057 Health Psychology
6PSY1001 Year Study Abroad
6SCZ0062 Managing Chronic Oedema
6SCZ0072 Chemotherapy Principles and Developing Practice
6WBS0002 Issues in Global Economy (SDL)
6WBS0005 Business and Commercial Awareness (SDL)
6WBS0006 Global Marketing, Ethics and Culture
6WCM0008 Databases (SDL)
6WCM0011 Further Object Orientated Development
7AAD0040 Scientific Principles and Technologies
7AHP0184 Theory and Clinical Applications of Vascular Ultrasound
7AHP0238 Pathophysiology for image interpretation of the skeletal system 1
7AHP1039 Leading Developing Services in Healthcare
7BSM1018 AIP Research Methods - MBA A
7BSM1064 Managing Financial Value Drivers
7BSP0171 Financial Statement Analysis 1
7BSP1026 Organisational Behaviour: Theory and Practice A
7BSP1125 Research Skills for Management
7BSP1142 Ethical Dimensions of Tourism
7BSP1233 Contemporary Context for Leading and Managing Public Services
7COM0187 Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computation
7COM1022 Advanced Databases
7COM1035 Software Development Exercise
7CTA1001 Practice 2: Camera, Sound and Editing
7CTA1002 Practice 2: Art and Design
7CTA1027 Major Study: Contemporary Textiles
7CTA1032 Major Study: Product Design
7ENT1004 Computer Architecture Design
7ENT1023 Software Radio & DSP
7HEP1047 Independent work based skills 1
7HSK0032 Safeguarding Children
7HSK0079 Aquatic Rehabilitation
7HUM1065 The Workshop Space: Craft and Pedagogy
7HUM1067 Methods and Materials in English Language Teaching
7HUM1075 Academic & Study Skills Support
7LFS1014 Spatial Analysis for Planning
7LFS1028 Sustainability and Environmental Systems
7LMS0102 Drug Delivery and Formulation Science
7MED0004 Western Medical Acupunture in Clinical Practice
7MED0008 Ethics and Law at the Beginning and End of Life
7MED0012 Expert Witness
7MED0018 Work Based Learning in Health and Medical Practice
7MED0020 Evidence Based Practice - Classroom Based
7MED0064 Contemporary Mental Health Interventions
7MED1008 Clinical Practice in Action
7NMH0092 Managing Long Term Conditions
7NMH1001 Minor Injury - Autonomous Practice
7NMH1014 Cancer Care
7NMH1019 Integrating Research with Professional Practice
7NMH1046 Collaborative, interprofessional/interagency and inclusionary practice
7PHA0015 Pharmacist Independent Prescribing M
7PSY0070 Independent Psychology Project
7PSY0080 Topics in Forensic and Criminal Psychology
7PSY0083 Methods of Collecting Data in Psychology
7SCH0043 Theory and Practice of Counselling 1
7WCM0002 Advanced Database (SDL)
7WCM0020 Measures and Models for Software Engineering (SDL)
7WCM0038 Web Services (SDL)
4HUM0180 Introduction to Philosophy
4BUS1029 Global Perspectives in Economics
4AHP1021 The Foundations of Clinical Practice for Clinical Imaging
4AHP1022 Clinical Imaging of the Chest
4AHP1027 Anatomy and Physiology for Paramedics 1b
4AHP1030 Practice Education 1a  Communication
4ARD0014 Specialist Projects 1
4ARD0023 Fashion: Introduction to Technical and IT Skills
4ARD0050 Visual Skills 1B
4ARD0054 Working in Collaboration
4ARD0056 Fine Art Studio Practice 1.2
6AHP1051 Preparation for Professional Practice 3
6ARD0002 New Product Development
6ARD0050 Contemporary Applied Arts: Final Major Project
6ARD0063 Degree Fine Art Studio Practice 3.2
4HUM0162 Spanish Intermediate B1B
4HUM0165 German Intermediate B1A
7WEN0008 Operations Research
7WEN0010 Quality Reliability and Maintenance
5HUM0312 German Intermediate B2B
5HUM0318 Chinese Beginners A2B
6HUM0270 Crime, Sin and Sensation: Studies in Victorian Popular Fiction
5AHP1022 Diet Therapy
5AHP1031 Radiotherapy Localisation and Planning
5AHP1045 Principles of Pathophysiology for Paramedics
5ARD0004 Creating Cultural Spaces
5ARD0027 Fashion: Developing Design for Production
5ARD0083 Fine Art Studio Practice 2.1
5ARD0085 Enterprise and Employability 2.2 (PT)
6COM0270 Computer Network Protocols and Architecture B
7HSK0122 Research Methods - Distance Learning
6HSK0022 Contemporary Issues in Healthcare
6HSK0024 Pain Management
4HUM1066 Turblent Times: Life and Culture in Early Modern England (1500-1750) A
7HEP1055 Facilitation of Education in practice 2
7HPD0063 Non Medical Prescribing (Nurses)
7HSK0095 Ultrasound Independent Work Based Skills 3
7WCM0033 Software Engineering Practice and Experience
4HUM1078 Introduction to Film Criticism
7WCM0016 Interaction Design (SDL)
7LMS0139 Strategic Management for Psychologists
7HSK0135 Qualitative Research Methods
7HSK0136 Quantitative Research Methods
5EDU1027 Study Abroad - BA Early Childhood Education
5EDU1031 Inclusion in Education: Meeting the needs of all learners
5EDU1034 The Primary Curriculum: Learning and Teaching English, Maths and Science
6HUM1103 Functional Linguistics
6EDU1044 English Across the Curriculum
6EDU1066 Working with Parents, Families and Communities
6EDU1001 The Unique Child: Inclusive Practice in Early Years
6EDU1002 Leading Practice in Early Years
6NMH1028 Person-centred Approaches (3) Psychological Health & Well-being - 2nd Reg
6BUS1125 Industry Practice
4CTA1138 Technology 1: Introducing Materiality (HIC)
4CTA1143 3D Creative Processes A (HIC)
4CTA1148 Shape and Form (HIC)
4CTA1150 The Model in Mind (HIC)
4CTA1156 Graphic Design Essentials Pt 1
4EDU1012 Developing Professional Practice Induction 2
4EDU1020 Global Perspectives on Childhood
4LMS0109 Fundamentals of Optical Science
4LMS0110 Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry
4MMF0014 Moving Image for Animation and Games
6LAW1017 Dissertation
7BSP1241 Research Project: Leadership and Management in Public Services
7BSP1244 Project Management
7BSP1246 Management Research Project or Dissertation
7BSP1257 Understanding Consumers and Markets
7BSP1268 Postgraduate Online Research Methods
4NMH1029 Building Capability & Enhancing Capacity (1) The Learning Disability Context
6HUM1137 Web Design for Publishing
4ENT1037 Sustainable Business of Electronics
7COM1065 Professional Work Placement for MSc Computer Science
6MMF0063 MT Audio Systems and Applications 3 (Version 2)
6MMF0069 Project (Version 2)
6BUS1033 Multivariate Statistics
4BUS1061 The Business Professional
6BUS1055 Sustainability Marketing
6AAD0022 Vehicle Engineering Design
5CTA1035 2D Animation: Digital Animation
5CTA1041 Design Studio 3: Close Up
7LMS0062 Project
7LMS0063 Topics in Medicine Design
7LMS0072 Repertory Grids: Design, Analysis and Interpretation
4PSY1004 Foundations of Social and Cognitive Psychology
4SCZ0040 Advanced Skills Course for Teaching Assistants
4SCZ0064 Trial Advocacy 1
4SCZ0067 Debating 1
4SCZ0073 Student Leadership 2
4SCZ0076 Client Interviewing 2
6PSY1008 Brain Disorders
6CTA1021 Professional Portfolio
7AAD0055 Quality, Reliability & Maintenance
4WCM0009 Internet Technologies
5SCZ0028 Work Based Learning Project
7CTA1040 Major Study: Graphic Design (Distance Learning)
7CTA1042 Creative Enterprise and Context (Distance Learning)
7CTA1046 Art Therapy Practice Part A
5CTA1099 Studio Practice A: Identifying Practice (Textiles)
5NMH0109 Health Promotion for Children's Nursing
5NMH0113 Branch Professional Practice C for Children's Nursing (Deg/EnhDipHE)
5NMH0151 Management Skills for Professional Children's Nursing Practice (Enhanced)
5NMH0183 Diversity in Womens and Neonatal Health
7WCM0036 Web Scripting and Application Development (SDL)
5LMS0013 Living in a Changing and Contested World
5BUS1020 Performance Management and Reward
7SCH0123 Managing Mental Health Assessments
7SCZ0148 Leadership through Coaching 1
7SCZ0179 Foundation Course in Acupuncture-University of Hertfordshire
7SCZ0239 Professional Development through Reflective Practice (Part 1)
6ENT1046 Biomedical Engineering Design
4LMS0003 Healthcare Science
6NMH1004 Emergency Care
5ENT1004 Automotive Electrical Systems
5ENT1008 Mini Project (FTP)
7BSP1150 Research Methodology (MSc GEBI)
7LAW1005 Commercial Law
7LAW1006 Family Law
7LAW1011 Security & Insolvency
7LAW1030 Employment Law Semester B
6LFS1015 Advanced Work Experience - Sports Studies
5LFS1013 Fundamentals of Geospatial Information
5NMH1006 The Personal Journey in Mental Health Nursing II
5NMH1023 International Dimensions of Contemporary Learning Disability Services
5NMH1033 Person-centred Approaches 2 Supporting People with Complex Needs
5NMH1035 Building Capability and Enhancing Capacity (2) Facilitating Development & Health
5NMH1047 Person-centred Approaches 2 -Supporting People with Complex Needs
7LFS1027 Transport Data Collection and Analysis
6SCH0046 Recovery Principles, Values and Practices in Mental Health
7LAW1045 Commercial Law
7LFS1040 Environmental Management Individual Research Project
7LFS1041 Water and Environmental Management Individual Research Project
4ENT1085 Vision and Image Perception HIC
4ENT1090 Fundamentals of Motorsport Technology (HIC)
4ENT1094 Materials and Manufacture
4LMS0022 Pharmacy Practice and Medicines 1
4LMS0027 Therapeutic Modalities
4LMS0032 Foundations of Anatomy and Biomechanics: Sport and Exercise Science
6NMH1133 V150 nurse prescribing
7NMH1055 Non-Medical Prescribing (AHP)
7ENT1047 Tele-health Systems
7ENT1048 Advanced Imaging and 3D Visualisation
4CTA1036 Story and Script
4CTA1046 Songwriting and Performance 1
4CTA1048 Composition and Performance 1
5ENT1025 Avionics Systems
7MED0040 Evidence Based Practice
7AHP0002 Musculo-skeletal Image Interpretation 2
7AHP0020 Clinical Application - MS11
7BSP1088 Management Research Project BCA
6AAD0007 Control Systems
6AHP0064 Advanced Patient Assessment and Management
6AHP1009 Personal Management for Imaging
7PSY1025 Professional Clinical Skills I
7PSY1026 Professional Clinical Skills II
7PSY0093 Community, Diversity & Epidemiology 2
7PSY0097 Research Project
6LFS0021 Advanced Physical Geography
7EDU1049 Wellbeing and Raising Aspirations
7EDU1050 Creativity - You and Your Practice
7AHP0153 Weight Management
6AHP1019 Nutrition Medicine and Methods
6AHP1040 Nutrition Research
6AHP1046 Advanced Diet Therapy
4BUS1102 The Accounting Professional
4BUS1104 The Finance Professional
6LMS0039 Examination and Rehabilitation of the Vertebral Column
6LMS0040 Advanced Biomechanics
4CTA1072 Studio Practice A: Materials and Form
4CTA1082 Animated Thinking: histories, theories, contexts (C&CS) (HIC)
4CTA1089 Studio Technology 1 (HIC)
4CTA1101 Pixel, Image and Sound (HIC)
4CTA1103 Photography Projects (HIC)
5COM1070 Software Testing and Quality (SDfB)
4CTA1028 Design Studio 1: Fashion Process
4CTA1035 Camera, Sound and TV Studio - Film and TV Production
7CST0019 The Practice of English Language Teaching 2
6BUS1064 Small Business and Entrepreneurship
5PAM1006 Algebra
6LMS0019 Pharmacy Practice and Medicines 3
6BUS0368 Strategic Knowledge Management
6BUS0383 Personal Development
6WBS0012 Digital Economy
5LAW0065 Event Law
5LAW1002 Legal Issues for Managers
7EDU0335 Designing Learning with ICT
7EDU0344 Developing Subject and Professional Knowledge
6BUS1069 Responsible Tourism 2: Environment and Economy
6LMS0054 Year Abroad: Sport
6LMS0085 Dispensing and Contact Lenses for Optometry Practice 2
6LMS0090 Applied Public Health Nutrition 1
6CTA1040 Special Effects Major Project
7HSK0108 Advances in Imaging Practice
7WHS0019 Legislation and Policy: Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion
6EDU1005 Education for a Sustainable World
4CTA1171 Fine Art in Context 1 - HIC
4CTA1175 Graphic Design Essentials Part 1 - HIC
4CTA1176 Illustration Essentials Part 1 - HIC
4CTA1178 Digital Art - HIC
4PSY0034 Research Design and Data Analysis
7NMH0086 Consolidating Specialist Practice SN LM
4ELE0054 Sound & Psychoacoustics
6HUM1130 Digital History Workshop
4HSK0007 Foundations for Physiotherapy Practice
4HSK0016 Learning for Professional Development I
4HSK0018 An Introduction to Interprofessional Education
4HSK0020 An Introduction to Interprofessional Education
5HUM1070 Women's Ailments and Men's Maladies: Gender and Medicine in Early Modern Europe
7EDU1075 Practice Based Research Project
6BUS1159 Placement Portfolio (TABSA) Semester B
4COM0055 Systems Requirements
4WBS0012 People Resourcing
7BSP0335 Project Risk Management
4LMS0058 Investigative Skills and Techniques - HIC
4LMS0096 Foundations of Social and Cognitive Psychology - HIC
7COM0090 Distributed Data Management MSc Project
7COM0097 Professional Issues
7COM0103 Human Computer Interaction: Principles and Practice
7COM0113 Software Engineering Practice & Experience
6BUS1022 Business to Business Marketing
6CTA1081 Pre-Production for Games
6CTA1082 Pre-Production for 3D
6CTA1086 Degree Planning (Ceramics and Glass)
6AAD0021 Automotive Body Engineering
0HUM1029 Pre-Sessional English for Academic Purposes ADVANCED 6
0HUM1032 Pre-Sessional English for Academic Purposes HIGHER 5
0HUM1035 Pre-Sessional English for Academic Purposes STANDARD 4
0HUM1052 Managing Information in the Digital Age
6WED0003 Planning for Dissemination
6NMH1069 Learning for Professional Development III
7LMS0113 Clinical Pharmacy and Patient Safety
7LMS0121 Psychological Assessment at Work
4LFS1017 Introduction to Sports Management
7ENT1006 CFD Analysis for Aerospace Applications
5COM1057 Computer Architecture
5CTA1030 Negotiated Project: Model and Special Effects Programme
5CTA1031 Design and Development: Model and Special Effects Programme
5CTA1034 Extended Project: Digital Animation
6HSK0006 Working with families in complex and challenging situations
6HSK0012 Legal & Ethical Considerations in practice
5LMS0051 Nutrition and Health 2
5LMS0064 Anatomy, Pathology, Physiology and Ocular Therapeutics 2
7LMS0080 Drug Safety in Clinical Trials
7LMS0084 Adverse Drug Reactions by Major Body Systems I
4ENT1070 Interactive Programming HIBT
4ENT1078 Software Systems
4ENT1080 Software Application HIC
5CTA1121 Visualisation and Professional Practices for 3D
7LAW1053 Internship
0CST0017 Science for Engineering
0IFS0043 Foundations of Mathematics
0PSY0001 Introduction to Psychology
4AAD0044 Aerospace Technology and Industry (HIBT)
4AHP1008 Behavioural Sciences 1
4BUS1010 Principles of Marketing
4BUS1096 Accounting for Managers
4COM1030 Understanding Programming (NHC)
4COM1044 Human Dimensions of Computing (HIC)
4CTA1004 3D Design Projects B
4CTA1055 Animated Thinking: histories, theories, contexts
4CTA1057 Film and Television: Histories and Contexts
4CTA1183 Introduction to Arts Therapies and Wellbeing Theories
4CTA1189 Accounting for the Music Business
4CTA1190 Experimental Projects – HIC
4CTA1193 Accounting for the Music Business – HIC
4CTA1195 Fashion Business 1: Introduction to Fashion Business - HIC
4EDU0110 Supporting Pupils' Learning
4EDU1001 Supplementary French
4EDU1002 Early Years; The Big Picture
4ENT1011 Mechanical Experimental Engineering (HIBT)
4ENT1013 Materials and Electrical Technology (HIBT)
4HUM0167 German Advanced C1B
4HUM0183 Introduction to English Language Teaching
4HUM0188 Research Methods in Media and Communication
4HUM0195 Introduction to Film Theory (HIBT)
4HUM0196 Introduction to Film Studies (HIBT)
4HUM0199 Talking to Others: Theory and Practice of Communication
4HUM1005 Introduction to Literary Studies 2
4HUM1054 Spanish Route C - 4a
4HUM1059 Spanish Route B - 4b
4HUM1063 Theatre in Action: Reading Dramatic Texts
4LAW1013 Constitutional and Administrative Law
4LMS0039 Introduction to Biochemistry and Metabolism (Nutrition and Dietetics)
4LMS0040 Molecular Structure and Reactivity
4LMS0051 Introduction to Biochemistry and Metabolism
4NMH0145 WBL Fundamentals in supporting Acute Care Practice
4NMH1007 Biological Basis for Health and Wellbeing
4NMH1015 Human Physiology
4NMH1021 Professional Aspects of Care
4PAM0016 Laboratory Physics 1
4PAM1004 Applications of Mathematics (HIBT)
4PAM1028 Small Group Tutorial (HIC)
5AHP1010 Pathophysiology and Patient Assessment
5AHP1019 Complex Patient Care
5ARD0092 Joystruck: The Emergence of Games Culture
5ARD0096 Product Lifestyles and Futures
5ARD0103 Arts Therapies Workshops and Studio Practice 2
5ART0017 Media Culture: Contextual Studies, Art And Design
5ART0020 Consuming Art And Design: Contextual Studies, Art And Design
5ART0032 Contextual Studies Options: Approaches To Arts Therapies Theories
5BUS1035 Labour Market Policy
5BUS1049 Exploring Business Ethics
5BUS1054 Cross-cultural Management
5BUS1079 Enhancing Employability in Tourism
5BUS1111 Services Marketing
5BUS1146 Enhancing Employability in Advertising
5BUS1158 Financial Management
5COM1027 Computing in Business
5COM1046 Software Development 1 (HRC)
5COM1051 Contemporary Issues
5CTA1008 Professional Work Experience 15: Visual Arts
5CTA1071 Contemporary Applied Arts: Social, Cultural Professional Concepts
5CTA1075 C&CS L5 Graphic Design and Illustration
5CTA1076 C&CS L5 Interior Architecture and Design
5CTA1128 Advanced Specialisms for VFX
5EDU0090 Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC)
5EDU0091 Practice-based Enquiry
5ENT1002 Engineering Operations
5ENT1012 Structural Mechanics
5ENT1013 Dynamics
5HUM0128 The Rise of the Novel : 1700 - 1800
5HUM0156 Writing in Britain Since 1945
5HUM0234 Design for Print
5HUM0286 Propaganda in 20th century War and Politics A
5HUM0338 American Literature to 1900
5HUM0356 Language and Species
5HUM1024 History and Heritage in Practice
5HUM1039 French Route B - 5a
5HUM1078 Syntax
5LFS0048 Special Topic - GE
5LFS0052 Exercise Physiology
5LFS1019 Sports Development
5MMF0033 Film and TV Media Industries: Professional Development 2
5MMF0067 Composition and Performance 2 (Version 2)
5PAM0025 Solar System Physics
5PAM0027 Quantum Physics
5PAM1005 Further Engineering Mathematics
5PSY1010 Understanding Individuals: Personal Construct Psychology
5WBS0010 Cross Cultural Management
5WBS0016 Project Planning and Control
5WCM0001 Computer Science Development Exercise
5WCM0005 Data Management & Applications
6AAD0018 Stability & Control of Aircraft
6ARD0072 The Product Design Project
6BUS1003 Advanced Corporate Reporting
6BUS1011 Issues in Global Economy
6BUS1046 Analysis of Current Issues in Finance
6BUS1060 Strategic Cost Management
6BUS1073 Operations Management for Events
6BUS1079 Modern Econometrics
6BUS1091 Contemporary Issues in Tourism Management
6BUS1129 Psychology and Consumer Behaviour
6BUS1168 Marseille L6S1
6BUS1198 Public Finance
6COM0283 Software Engineering Project
6COM1014 Further Object Orientated Development (COM)
6CTA1027 Professional Practice
6CTA1028 Model Effects Major Project Proposal
6EDU1023 Positive Relationships in Early Years - Offsite
6EDU1026 Curriculum Studies
6ELE0084 Computer Architecture
6ENT1002 Vehicle Design
6ENT1009 Instrumentation and Control Systems
6ENT1021 Careers Portfolio
6HSK0039 Practice Education III
6HSK0040 Patient Assessment and Management III
6HUM0002 Philosophy Project
6HUM0285 Transatlantic Currents: Literary Exchange between Britain and North America
6HUM0349 Final Year History Dissertation
6HUM0377 Spanish Mini Project
6HUM0440 Placement for Acting & Screen Performance
6HUM1045 The Golden Age: Victorian Children's Literature
6HUM1048 Financial Crises and Panics: A History of Financial Folly B
6HUM1049 Year Abroad
6HUM1050 Dark Materials: Writing Young Adult Fiction
6HUM1054 Corporate Communications
6HUM1059 International Perspectives in Public History
6HUM1071 French Route B - 6a
6HUM1075 German Route B - 6a
6HUM1088 Japanese Route A - 6a
6HUM1096 Graduate Skills
6HUM1098 Bodies and Sexuality in the Early Modern Period B
6LAW1025 Company Law
6LFS0013 Cellular Differentiation and Development
6LFS0027 Urban Space and Society
6LFS0040 Biomedical Implications of Exercise
6LFS0048 Clinical Biochemistry and Pathophysiology
6LFS0066 Europe: Nations and Nationalism
6MMF0005 Pre-production for 2D Digital Animation
6MMF0019 International Music & Entertainment Management 3
6NMH0091 Research for Practice
6NMH0101 Branch Professional Practice F Adult Nursing
6NMH0194 Enhanced Midwifery Led Practice
6NMH0300 Policy and Practice Issues in Primary Health Care
6NMH0313 Therapeutic Approaches in Learning Disability Nursing 2 (Degree)
6NMH0315 Branch Professional Practice E for Learning Disability Nursing (Degree)
6NMH1017 Contemporary Issues In Healthcare
6NMH1019 Person-centred Approaches 2 - Supporting People with Complex Needs - 2nd. Reg.
6NMH1020 Person-centred Approaches 2 - Supporting People with Complex Needs - 2nd Reg
6NMH1109 Pharmacist Independent Prescribing
6NMH1130 Preparation for Mentorship
6PAM0020 Linear Optimisation
6PAM0023 Financial Optimisation
6PAM0025 Project - (Mathematics)
6PAM1001 Cosmology and Large Scale Structure
6PAM1017 Further Algebra
6PSY1011 Development and Self
6SCZ0073 Managing Long Term Conditions
6SCZ0074 End of Life Care for Service Users with Learning Disabilities
6SCZ0080 Assessment of the Minor Injuries for Paramedics
6WBS0001 Issues in Global Economy
6WCM0017 Principles and Applications of Web Services
7AAD0065 Operations Management
7AHP0149 Facilitation of Education in Practice 1
7AHP0169 Principles of Functional Rehabilitation
7AHP0210 Palliative Radiotherapy Localisation
7AHP0236 Principles and Practice of Advanced Pre-hospital Trauma Care
7AHP1005 Research Methods
7AHP1007 Theory and Clinical Applications of Abdominal and Small Parts Ultrasound
7AHP1038 Developing and Managing People in Healthcare
7AHP1040 Research Methods Distance Learning
7BSM0233 Innovation Through Strategic Marketing A
7BSM1006 Managing Financial Value Drivers A
7BSM1012 Leadership and Change A
7BSM1057 Leadership and Change
7BSP0173 Financial Economics 1
7BSP0388 People and Organisational Management
7BSP0394 Managing Strategy
7BSP0395 Competing Through Marketing
7BSP1034 Postgraduate Research Methodology for HRM A
7BSP1039 Leadership and Management Development B
7BSP1128 Research Methods for MSc Accounting & Financial Management
7BSP1136 Dissertation: BSITH
7BSP1183 System Approaches to Managing Change
7BSP1215 Contemporary Issues in Business and Management
7COM0178 Distributed Data Management MSc Project (Online)
7COM0201 E-Learning Technology MSc Project
7COM0202 Principles and Practice of E-Learning Design and Development
7COM1027 Distributed Systems Security
7COM1030 Multicast and Multimedia Networking
7CTA1009 Creative Enterprise and Context
7CTA1022 Major Study: Model Design and Model Effects
7CTA1033 Major Study: Graphic Design
7EDU1033 Learning and Teaching in Business Education
7ENT1002 Sustainability and Smart Systems Engineering
7HSK0072 Coaching to Enhance Leadership for Health Professionals
7HUM1056 People and Places: Writing Communities
7HUM1068 Teaching English as an International Language
7HUM1074 Dissertation
7LAW0152 International Financial Services
7LAW1033 Commercial Mediation Practice
7LAW1036 Chinese Commercial Law
7LAW1047 Privacy and Data Protection
7LAW1050 Maritime Law
7LFS1025 Sustainable Planning Dissertation
7LFS1029 Research Methods
7LFS1042 Environmental Management for Business Individual Research Project
7LFS1047 Environmental Management Systems Implementation
7LMS0049 Core Competencies in Medical Practice
7LMS0085 Pharmacoepidemiology
7MED0026 Work Based Learning in Health and Medical Practice: An International Perspective
7MED0059 Mental Health Law
7MED0063 Recovery and Social Inclusion. Partnerships in Mental Health Care
7NMH0084 Nutritional Wellbeing for Pregnancy
7PAM1027 Relativity and Field Theory
7PHA0018 Industrial Pharmaceutics
7PSY0081 Cognitive Neuropsychology
7PSY1008 Cognitive Neuropsychology - 2
7PSY1015 Research Apprenticeship in Psychology
7SCH0078 Risk and Legal/Ethical issues for Mental Health
7WCM0006 Contemporary Practices in Information Technology (SDL)
7WCM0008 Distributed Systems and Networks MSc Project (SDL)
7WCM0015 Interaction Design
7WCM0017 Learner Centred Design
7WCM0023 Multicast and Multimedia Networking
7WCM0032 Software Engineering MSc Project (SDL)
7WLM0005 Leadership in Practice
6HUM0389 Chinese Beginners A3A
4BUS1030 Accounting for Business B
6HUM0369 Spanish Beginners A3A
4AHP1015 Principles of Oncology and Management 1
4ARD0047 Visual Skills 1A
4ARD0048 Thinking About Ideas 1A
4ARD0049 Directions 1B
4ARD0052 Fine Art Studio Practice 1.1
4BUS0186 Economic Environment of Business (Preparatory)
6AHP1053 Oncology and Management III
6ARD0052 Self Promotion 3B (Graphic Design)
4HUM0085 Introduction to Media Communications
4HUM0176 Italian Beginners A1A
7MED0067 The Mind and the Skin
7WEN0003 Individual Project
7WEN0004 Integrated Product Engineering
7WEN0007 Operations Management
7WHS0013 Communicable and Non-Communicable Conditions
5HUM0309 German Beginners A2B
5HUM0317 Chinese Beginners A2A
5HUM0319 French Advanced C2A
5HUM0324 Italian Beginners A2A
5HUM1014 Japanese Beginners A2A
4AAD0023 Introduction to Design (HIBT)
7COM1019 Mobile Standards, Interfaces and Applications
5BUS1042 Financial Information for Managers
5AHP1021 Practice Education 5b Integrating Theory and Practice
5AHP1026 Radiographic Practice & Image Evaluation 2
5AHP1028 Radiographic Research Methods
5AHP1032 Skills for Research and Radiotherapy Practice II
5AHP1037 Pathophysiology for Paramedics 2a
5AHP1038 Pathophysiology for Paramedics 2b
5AHP1041 Practice Education 2a - Personal and Professional Development
5AHP1044 Patient Assessment and Management F2b
5ARD0005 Sustainability in Practice
6COM0271 Computer Network Protocols and Architecture A
7HSK0065 Research Methods
7HSK0110 AHP Supplementary Prescribing
7NMH1081 Nursing in Context
7NMH1086 Imagination and Innovation in Evidence Based Nursing Care
6LMS0008 Bioscience Research Project
7HSK0047 Delivering Effective Interventions
7HSK0059 Developing and Managing People in Health and Social Care
7HEP1057 Enhancing Health & Social Care through Inter-professional Education
4HUM1061 Writing and Revolution: Literature from The Romantics to the Victorians
7HSK0004 Partnership working with families for health and wellbeing
7HSK0007 Working with families in complex and challenging situations
6LMS0052 Advanced Management of Sports Injuries
7LMS0138 Marketing for Psychologists
5EDU1029 Education Research: Approaches to Education Research
5EDU1035 Behaviour and Learning: Approaches to classroom management
5EDU1037 Study Abroad - BAES
6EDU1046 Becoming an outstanding maths teacher
6EDU1064 Developing my Pedagogical Creed
7NMH1039 Dissertation Project
6NMH1036 Managing & Leading Change in Healthcare
6BUS1118 Financial Management in the Public Sector
7EDU1066 Professional Learning - Primary
4CTA1115 Accounting for Business (HIC)
4CTA1129 Design Studio 2: Fasion Realisation (HIC)
4CTA1145 3D Design Projects B (HIC)
6WBS0009 Business Strategy (SDL)
4EDU1013 Science: Learning and Teaching
4EDU1014 An introduction to mathematics learning
4EDU1015 Introduction to English
4EDU1017 Personal and Professional Skills
4EDU1018 Early Childhood Development
4LMS0107 Visual Applied Optics
4LMS0112 Biology and Biochemistry
4LMS0124 Foundations in Human Nutrition - HIC
7BSP1238 Managing Projects and Change
7BSP1261 Dissertation
7COM1057 Distributed Systems and Networks MSc Project (COM)
6BUS1034 Introduction to Research Methods
4BUS1065 International Environment of Business 2: Law, Ethics and Culture
4BUS1067 Information Technology Management for Business
5CTA1039 Technology 2: Detail
5CTA1055 Turbo B
7LMS0057 Principles of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Research
7LMS0065 Public Health Foundations (Online)
7PHA1022 Study Skills and Practice Orientation (OSPAP)
7PHA1026 Preparation for Practice (OSPAP)
7PHA1033 Formulation Analysis and Quality Optimisation
7PHA1037 Topical Therapeutics
7PHA1047 Project (Advancing Practice)
4PSY1005 Statistics for Psychologists 1
4PSY1006 Psychology in Action
4SCH0049 Theory and Personal Development in Counselling 1B
4SCH0050 Theory and Personal Development in Counselling 1A
4SCZ0066 Trial Advocacy 3
4SCZ0072 Student Leadership 1
7EDU1029 Learning and Teaching in Mathematics
6BUS1015 Dissertation - Human Resources
6BUS1016 Dissertation - Management
4WCM0005 E-Media Design
5SCZ0032 Performing Quality Assured Spirometry
5WBS0003 Enhancing your Academic and Professional Portfolio
7CTA1044 Art Therapy Practice Part C
7CTA1049 Discourse and Reflection: Art Therapy
4LFS0046 Graduate and Professional Skills 1 - GE
5NMH0112 Quality Care Enhancement 2 - Evidence & Research for Improving Child Nursing Pra
5NMH0131 Branch Professional Practice E for Adult Nursing (Diploma)
5NMH0149 Management Skills for Adult Nursing (Enhanced)
5LMS0033 Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology
6NMH0268 Transcultural Nursing
5LMS0011 Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
7SCZ0007 West Herts Senior Leaders Development Programme: Stage 1
7SCZ0031 West Herts Senior Leaders Development Programme: Stage 2
7SCZ0133 Developing Subject & Professional Knowledge
7SCZ0199 Leadership and Partnership Working
6NMH1005 Assessment - Physiology Based
5ENT1011 Automotive Electronics and Control Systems
7BSP1153 Corporate Governance, Law and Society
7BSP1156 Dissertation: MSc GEBI
7BSP1162 Dissertation: Project Management
7BSP1170 Managing Transformational Change
7BSP1177 Statistical Techniques for Business
7NMH1006 Nursing Adults with Long Term Conditions
5LFS0036 Personal Transferable Skills 2 Bioscience
5LFS0037 Bioscience Research Methods
5LFS0040 Social Framework of Sport
5LFS0046 Ecology and Environmental Quality
7COM1032 Artificial Life with Robotics
7COM1024 Measures and Models for Software Engineering
5NMH1011 Professional Practice in Children's Nursing 2: Facilitating Family Centred Care
5NMH1012 The Developing Child Through the Age Continuum
5NMH1040 Person-centred Approaches 2 -Supporting People with Complex Needs
5NMH1041 Person-centred Approaches 3 - Supporting Psychological Health and Well-being
5NMH1046 Person Centred Approaches 2 Supporting People with Complex Needs
5NMH1065 Lifestyles, Diversity and Midwifery Care
6SCH0041 Practice Placement 2: Legal and Ethical Considerations
5BUS1063 Advertising Concepts and Campaigns
4ENT1091 Fundamentals of Motorsport Technology
4LMS0031 Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology
6NMH1135 Caring for the Sick Child and Family 1
5COM0088 Operating Systems and Computer Networks
5COM0093 Interaction and Games Design
6LAW1024 Medical Law
4CTA1041 Scale and Structure
5ENT1024 Project Management and Product Development
6PAM0030 Year Abroad
7AHP0220 Application of ultrasound science
7AHP0222 Clinical applications of MRI 2 - trunk, cardiovascular and oncology
6LAW1013 Legal Governance, Risk Management and Compliance
7AHP0129 Radiotherapy Breast Localisation
6LFS0030 Habitat Monitoring and Management
6NMH1013 Cancer Care
6BUS0300 Issues in International Relations
7PSY1029 Research Apprenticeship in Clinical Psychology
7PSY0085 Business Psychology Project
7PSY0090 Research Methods in Health Psychology 1
7PSY0103 Topics in Psychopathology
7EDU1037 Developing Professional Practice - Primary
7EDU1039 Teaching and Learning
7EDU1044 Developing Subject and Professional Knowledge
7EDU1048 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
6AHP1037 Practice Education 4 - Equality and Diversity
6AHP1038 Practice Education 5 - Personal and People Development
6AHP1047 Practice Education 6a Patient centred practice
6LMS0044 Sport and Performance Nutrition
6LAW0104 Media Law for the Digital Age 3
5COM0086 Information Technology Development Exercise
5EDU1011 Developing Professional Practice Consolidation 1
4CTA1081 Story and Script (HIC)
4CTA1096 Screen Moves (HIC)
4CTA1100 Media in Mind: histories, theories, contexts (HIC)
4CTA1104 Digital Environment (HIC)
5COM1071 Software Development Exercise (SDfB)
5CTA1002 Professional Work Experience 30: Music
4CTA1008 Digital Systems: Digital Animation
4CTA1021 Design Studio 1: Anatomy of Space
4CTA1022 Communication 1: Representing Space
6PHA0001 Patient Assessment (Pharmacy)
6PHA1002 Drug Discovery & Development
7CST0018 Blended Learning in English Language Teaching
7CST0021 Dissertation
6LAW1033 Placement Year
6BUS1116 Contemporary Issues in International Management
6LMS0017 Research Methods
7MED0071 Chronic Skin Conditions
7HSK0083 Principles and Practice of Advanced Pre-Hospital Trauma Care
5LAW0043 Aspects of European Law
5LAW0066 Entertainment Law 2
6COM0249 Data Mining & Visualisation A (warehousing)
7EDU0336 Learning Through Enquiry Using ICT
7EDU0359 Learning and Teaching in Subject Studies Science Secondary PGCE
6LMS0074 Nutrition Year Study Abroad
6LMS0082 Advanced Exercise Psychology
6LMS0084 Specialist Practice
6NMH0159 Physical Examination of the Healthy Neonate
5PHA0009 Dispensing Competence
6HUM1107 Everyday Lives: an Intimate History of Twentieth Century Women B
7WHU0005 Global Screen Violence
6COM0162 Object-Oriented Programming (Online)
4CTA1165 Creativity, Concept and Story
4CTA1166 Moving Image
4PHA0005 Molecular Structure and Reactivity
4PHA0006 Chemistry for Bio 2
4PSY0038 Research Methods for Psychologists 1
7NMH0088 Research and Evaluation in Primary Health Care LM
6ENT1034 Multimedia Systems
6HUM0400 The Politics of Parliamentary Reform, 1760-1832 A
6HUM0367 French Beginners A3A
6HUM0368 French Beginners A3B
6HUM1129 Staging the Modern World: Contemporary British and Irish Theatre
4PAM1030 Financial and Actuarial Mathematics
5HUM1097 Media in an International Context
7HUM1015 Festivals, Programming and Promotion
7HUM1019 Dissertation/Extended Project
6COM1066 Managing Large Scale Software Projects (SDfB)
6BUS1203 Industrial Organisation
6BUS1209 Emerging Issues in Accounting and Finance
7EDU1071 Curriculum Studies - SD Primary
7EDU1074 Practice Based Research Project
7EDU1077 Supporting Early Career Teachers' Professional Development
6BUS0273 Supply Chain Management
5HSK0022 Patient Assessment and Management II
5HSK0023 Patient Assessment and Management 2 (FDeg)
6BUS1154 Industry Practice in Tourism Management
6BUS1157 Industry Practice for Economic Professionals
6BUS1158 Advanced Integrated Marketing Internship
4COM1017 Understanding Databases and Data Analysis
4LAW0038 Legal Issues for Business
4LAW1006 Law for Accounting and Finance
4HUM1082 Introduction to Film Theory (HIC)
7BSP0334 Project Scheduling and Budgeting
4LMS0086 Study Skills and Employability - HIC
4LMS0090 Foundations of Anatomy and Biomechanics: Sport and Exercise Science - HIC
4LMS0091 Foundations of Nutrition - HIC
7COM0108 Distributed Systems Security
4LFS0040 Spatial Perspectives
4LFS0044 Human Space and Society
6EDU1069 School Direct Primary SBT 1
6EDU1074 Psychology for Education
6EDU1076 Assessment for Learning
6EDU1080 Research Project Part 1
6AAD0019 Manufacturing Strategy
6AAD0020 Engineering Management and Finance
0HUM1046 Pre-Sessional English for Academic Purposes HIGHER 1
6WED0007 Work Based Major Project
4MMF0022 Visualisation and Narrative for Animation and Games (30)
4MMF0044 Studio Technology 1
4MMF0052 T/Music and Production 1 (Version 2)
6NMH1054 Human Growth and Development
6NMH1057 Person-centred Approaches 4 Life Transitions for Adolescents and Adults
6NMH1066 Person-centred Approaches (3) Psychological Health & Well-being
6NMH1070 Imagination and Innovation in Evidence-based Nursing Care
6NMH1087 Engagement and Assessment for Mental Health Nursing (level 6)
5ELE0067 Networking & Webcasting
7LMS0118 Leadership, Engagement and Motivation
7LMS0119 Wellbeing and Work
4LFS1016 Introduction to Sports Development
7ENT1005 Digital Signal Processing and Processes
5COM1055 Operating Systems and Networks
5COM1056 Artificial Intelligence
5WED0005 Extended Reflective Practice
6AAD0005 Thermofluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer
6AAD0006 Automotive Chassis & Powertrain Technology
5CTA1017 Digital Cinematography: Digital Animation
5CTA1022 Enterprise and Employability B
5CTA1026 Film and TV Production
5CTA1032 Turbo Project B: Model and Special Effects Programme
6HSK0009 Dissertation
5LMS0041 Law in Land-based Industry
5LMS0043 Research Design for Agriculture
5LMS0049 Livestock Production Systems
5LMS0065 Professional Practice for Optometry
6EDU1034 Learning and Teaching in Mathematics
6EDU1035 Learning and Teaching in Science
0HUM1006 English for Academic Purposes (Higher)
0HUM1013 Business Studies
7LFS1035 Integrated Waste and Pollution Management
5CTA1105 Cinematography and Sound
5CTA1115 Fine Art in Context 2
0CST0001 Mathematics for Engineering
4AAD0003 Introduction to Design
4AAD0016 Aerospace Technology & Industry
4AAD0042 Engineering Statistics (HIBT)
4AHP1004 Neuromusculoskeletal 1
4AHP1013 Preparation for Professional Practice 1
4BUS1060 Global Perspectives in Business
4BUS1071 Quantitative Methods for Management
4CTA1064 Photography: Histories and Cultures
4CTA1182 Arts Therapies and Wellbeing Workshops
4CTA1185 Experimental Projects
4EDU0114 ICT for Supporting Learning and Teaching
4ENT1067 Mechanical Science
4HUM0156 Spanish Beginners A1A
4HUM0179 English Heritage, 1500-1900
4HUM0192 Journalism Skills - Print, News and Features (HIBT)
4HUM0194 Journalism - Law and Ethics (HIBT)
4HUM1004 Italian Intermediate B1B
4HUM1030 Media and Society
4HUM1034 Mandarin Route A - 4a
4HUM1038 French Route A - 4a
4HUM1045 German Route A - 4b
4HUM1051 Italian Route B - 4b
4LFS1023 Exploring Planet Earth
4LMS0043 Animal Physiology
4MMF0055 Digital Environment
4MMF0056 Photography Practices
4NMH0103 Branch Professional Practice B for Learning Disability Nursing (Diploma Level 1)
4NMH1003 Building Capability & Enhancing Capacity (1) The Learning Disability Context
4NMH1022 An Introduction to Inter-professional Education
4PAM0036 Applications of Computing (HIBT)
4PAM1001 Linear Algebra and Analysis (HIBT)
5AHP1003 Food Service Management
5ARD0091 Visual Communication 2A (Illustration)
5ART0035 The History of Technology:Critical & Cultural Studies Options
5ART0069 Image, Narrative and Representation: Critical and Cultural Studies, Art and Desi
5BUS0268 Human Resource Management in Europe
5BUS1033 Marketing for the Creative and Cultural Industries
5BUS1066 Mobile Business Technologies
5BUS1081 Enhancing Employability in Human Resource Management
5BUS1090 International Supply Chain Management in Europe
5BUS1151 Enhancing Employability in Accounting
5BUS1155 Quantitative Analysis for Finance
5CTA1009 Professional Work Experience 30: Visual Arts
5CTA1072 Film and Television: Cultures and Aesthetics
5CTA1077 C&CS L5 Product Design
5CTA1129 Digital Cinematography for VFX
5ELE0071 Web Services
5ELE0086 E-Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
5HUM0295 The Age of the Cold War, 1945-1991 [B]
5HUM0296 Historical Writing
5HUM0297 Historical Writing Workshop
5HUM0303 French Beginners A2B
5HUM1029 History of South Africa: Race, Power and Apartheid
5HUM1038 Spanish Route A - 5b
5HUM1041 Spanish Route B - 5a
5HUM1044 German Route A - 5a
5HUM1050 Mandarin Route A - 5a
5HUM1054 Spanish Route C - 5b
5HUM1058 Italian Route B - 5a
5HUM1060 Japanese Route A - 5b
5HUM1069 Graduate & Employability Skills
5HUM1079 History of the English Language
5HUM1091 Images of Contemporary Society: British Literature and the Politics of Identity
5HUM1092 Making a Historical Documentary
5LFS0028 Fundamentals of Geospatial Information
5LFS0049 Rural Change in the UK
5LMS0030 Exercise Physiology
5MMF0081 Negotiated Photography Projects
5NMH0198 Advanced Therapeutic Skills for Adult Nursing
5PSY1008 Psychology of Performing Arts
6ACM0003 Mechanics and Properties of Materials
6BUS1004 Corporate Governance
6BUS1006 Dissertation - Economics
6BUS1026 Forecasting Methods for Managers
6BUS1052 Training and Development
6BUS1061 Strategic Brand Management
6BUS1066 Service Operations Management
6BUS1077 Niche Tourism
6BUS1093 Contemporary Issues in Marketing
6BUS1160 Business Events
6BUS1187 Effective Governance
6BUS1192 Analysis of Current Issues in Finance
6COM0285 Information Technology Project
6COM1029 Object-oriented Programming
6ELE0078 Operating Systems
6ENT1008 Racing Car Body Engineering
6ENT1014 Satellite Terrestrial Communication Systems
6HSK0002 Promoting child and family health and wellbeing
6HSK0042 Examination of the Newborn (Pre-reg 6)
6HUM0244 Language & Communication Project
6HUM0282 Creative Writing: Independent Project
6HUM0363 Nietzsche, Genealogy and Morality
6HUM0423 Web Design For Publishing
6HUM1006 Understanding Minds
6HUM1027 Kant's Critical Philosophy
6HUM1039 Tell It Slant: Writing and Reality
6HUM1052 Adaptation: From Page to Stage or Screen
6HUM1060 Thinking with History: Applying Historical Insight to Real-Life Issues
6HUM1068 Spanish Route A - 6a
6HUM1078 Mandarin Route A - 6b
6HUM1080 French Route C - 6b
6LAW1014 Law of Tort
6LAW1023 International Commercial Law